NBA: Joe Johnson says good-bye to Nets; Cavaliers, Heat eye All-Star player

After four years playing with the Brooklyn Nets, former All-Star guard Joe Johnson decided to say farewell.

According to reports, new Nets general manager Sean Marks waived Johnson on Thursday, ending his $124 million-worth contract with the team.

Johnson — a seven-time All-Star player — was released before March 1, making him eligible to play in the playoff games of his next team.

Reports also say that Johnson has been getting offers from Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, Huston Rockets, OKC Thunders, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Nets are at a 15–42 record this season, leaving them out of the playoff games. With Johnson’s departure, he’ll be able to join a team that will make a playoff appearance.

Which team do you think should Johnson sign-up with?