NBA: Is Kobe Bryant Leaving The NBA For Good?

Oh no! Say it ain’t so.

After the Los Angeles Lakers’ match against the New York Knicks last Sunday, news that this season could be NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant’s last spread like wildfire.


According to reports, Bryant’s contract with the Lakers end after this season, marking an end to his recoed-breaking 20 seasons with his beloved team.

Despite the news, nothing has been made official yet, and Kobe Bryant has yet to clarify the news about his retirement.

Bryant did, however, hint that retirement is near according to Lakers coach Byron Scott.

Lakers coach Byron Scott said Bryant recently told him for the first time that this could be his last season.

Said the report.

The 37-year-old NBA star hasn’t been in his best form in the past few games, and with the battle with the Knicks last Sunday, his once fine form wasn’t at all present.

The game ended with Lakers bowing down to the Knicks, 95-99, in what might be Bryant’s last game at Madison Square Garden.

Bryant finished with only 18 baskets, lower than the 30 per game he used to make; he also scored only 6 points of 19 field goal attempts.

Carmelo Anthony led the scoreboard with 24 points, and Roy Hibbert stepped up with 18 points.

What can you say? Do you think Kobe Bryant is leaving the NBA for good?