NBA Athletes And Celebrities Raise Funds For Sager Strong Foundation

Filipinos have always been crazy about basketball, even NBA superstars like Kobe, LeBron and Curry would attest to this fact. What drives us crazier is the weekend where all our favorites gather up and play in events such as 3-point Shootout, Slam Dunk Contest and the ever anticipated All-Star Game.

That’s right, it’s the NBA All-Star Weekend again.

During the All-Star Saturday, there was a special event just before the start of the Slam Dunk contest. In celebration of the one of the most iconic people in NBA history, Craig Sager, athletes and celebrities from the crowd gathered up on court and tried to raise money for the Sager Strong foundation which supports cancer research and education.

The athletes and celebrities had to shoot as many 3-pointers as they can in the span of one minute. Each shot made raised 10,000 dollars for the foundation which will be donated by the NBA and its partner sponsors.

$500,000 is raised for the #SagerStrong Foundation!

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After taking multiple shots, they managed to rack up 130,000 dollars. But that was simply not enough. The league wanted to raise the donations up to 500,000 dollars. So, they called out Stephen Curry to try and shoot a 370,000-worth half court shot. However, he failed to do it after several attempts.

???????? #sagerstrong #nba #thisiswhyweplay

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As an alternative, they asked one of Craig Sager’s young sons to do a lay-up. Assisted by Shaquille O’Neal, they managed to push the donations to half a million.

This only shows that the NBA is more than #ballislife, but rather, they #ballforlife.

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