Natalie Portman welcomes Baby Boy Millipe–I Mean Millepied

What would you do when one of the prettiest and most popular faces on earth had just given birth to a baby boy? You let the world know about it! That’s right! Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millepied have just welcomed their firstborn on June 14.

Despite all the media frenzy surrounding this event, Portman and his fiance remain tight-lipped with the whole baby situation. There are no reports yet as to what the baby’s name will be, or how the new mommy and baby are doing. All I know is that I’m looking forward to take a first look at Baby Millepied’s pictures at People Magazine. I bet he looks just as angelic as her mom!

On a sidenote, who would’ve thought that A-lister Natalie Portman would fall for a ballet dancer? Not that there’s anything wrong with it but we didn’t see that one coming huh. and I’d like to believe he’s straight

But if you think theirs is a ‘Notting Hill” story, you’re wrong. Benjamin Millepied is far from being an ordinary guy. In fact, he’s doing really well on his own craft. He is a New York-based world-renowned ballet dancer (the reason he got involved in Black Swan in the first place). He was also Natalie Portman’s dance trainer for the movie. (Yes, Black Swan stripped Natalie Portman off her hot bachelorette title lol).  His surname may sound like an insect, but who cares, Millepied is such a lucky guy!

And btw, congratulations to the first-time parents!

When In Manila or anywhere in the world, try to watch ‘Black Swan’. You might get a glimpse of Millepied’s few appearances on that movie.

Now back to regular programming…

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