Nanyang Serves Addicting Sets of Singaporean Kaya Toast and Kopi

Did you know that there’s a café in SM Aura Premier that serves classic Singaporean sets of Kaya Toast (traditional toast) and Kopi (coffee) with other bestselling Asian delights and beverages? This contemporary-styled café is none other than Nanyang, which literally means Southeast Asian. This explains the choices available on their menu. Here’s why I find the Kaya and Kopi set so addicting!

Traditional Kaya Toast and Kopi set, P135

For as low as 70 pesos, you’ll get two pieces of toasted bread filled with butter and kaya or the Singaporean version of our coconut jam. This set is best partnered with Kopi and two pieces of half-boiled eggs. Here’s a quick guide on how to eat it:

First, put their special sweet soy sauce on top of the eggs. The sauce is thick and really tasty! Add a dash of pepper next.

Now get your hands on that warm toast, use it to cut the middle of the seasoned egg, and reveal the sticky egg yolk. Yum!

The baristas and kitchen staff were well-trained in Singapore.

You can also order Kopi for as low as 100 pesos according to your liking. Tell them KOPI if you like your black coffee with condensed and evaporated milk; KOPI O if you like your black coffee with sugar and no milk; and KOPI C if you like your black coffee with evaporated milk and sugar. We personally love KOPI!

You can customize your Kopi or Teh in Singaporean!

Thick Kaya Toast,  P70

The traditional Kaya toast is only one of the many choices available. They also have thick toasts with butter, peanut butter, sugar, Milo, cheesy ham and egg, and a lot more.

The making of their Thick Toast in butter

Aside from the toasts, Nanyang also serves other Asian favorites like Laksa, Curry Chicken with Rice/Toast, Homemade Nasi Lemak, Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodle, Fish Ball Noodle Soup, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and Chicken Chop Rice. The ingredients are mostly from Singapore!

Kopi Jelly Milktea, P130

Quick trivia: KOPI TIAM is literally translated as “coffee shop”. Their version of Kopi Jelly Milktea has now become one of my favorites! It has the right amount of sweetness and ice – a must-try for all milk tea fans!

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