Nakto PH: A Local Shop Selling Affordable Yet Powerful Electric Bikes

For the past year, we’ve witnessed the boom of the local bike industry as many Filipinos began to take it upon themselves to switch to a greener mode of transportation when going out for essential errands or to just make better use of their time at home by finally learning how to ride one. But despite our eagerness to finally learn and use bikes, some of us will agree that riding them every day is still too much for us to handle. It just takes too much time, tires us out quickly, and makes us prone to accidents if we’re not careful.

But there’s an answer to that: electric bikes! E-bikes actually offer quite a number of benefits while minimizing the concerns of those who may find themselves discouraged to take the bike every day. They look just like regular bicycles but with several battery-powered components including an electric motor which actually helps make pedaling less effortful, reduces stress on knees and thighs especially when conquering inclines, and can actually help you get to your destination much faster!

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Convinced to officially own your first e-bike? Then Nakto Electric Bikes Philippines should be on the top of your list of places to check out to find the perfect one for you.

Launched just this year, Nakto Electric Bikes Philippines was started by brothers Joshua and Luis Gan — two entrepreneurs who have spent the past several years launching multiple startup businesses and working with social enterprises. When the pandemic hit and, with it, travel and leisure restrictions, the brothers rediscovered their passion for one outdoor activity the IATF allowed: cycling.

“Growing up, we had to deal with chronic knee conditions that barred us from heavy physical activity. This meant no running, basketball, and no long uphill bike rides, despite our love for riding. Then, we tried an electric bike for the first time and discovered how biking long distances and up steep hills suddenly became possible and pain-free!” shared Luis with When In Manila.

Being strong advocates of sustainable electric mobility, the two decided to just focus on selling e-bikes, particularly from American brand Nakto, to the Filipino market to further promote the benefits of this mode of commute.

“We knew we wanted to introduce an affordable, entry-level electric bike to the Philippine market, and after considering many brands to partner with, we ended up choosing Nakto because of its design, serviceability, and quality of parts. Nakto is a well-known brand in the US where we first stumbled upon it on Amazon, and from there we formed a good relationship with the brand and became the local dealer of Nakto Electric Bikes,” added Joshua.

“Nakto Electric Bikes are made for the everyday Filipino cyclist – affordable, durable, and comfortable. Not to mention really good-looking! Nakto incorporates practicality into their design process, keeping the rider in mind when designing the electric bikes.”

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Joshua and Luis also help their buyers throughout the process of choosing, upgrading, and customizing the e-bike that best suits their needs and requirements.

“Our customers have chosen Nakto for a wide variety of reasons, but the number one reason would be our service,” Joshua continued. “Because we enjoy riding and customizing our bikes ourselves, we want our customers to experience the same kind of delight with their own bikes. We strive to provide expert personal servicing, all of which make owning an e-bike as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.”

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There are plenty of e-bikes to choose from in their catalog but Joshua and Luis assure everyone that no matter what your age, size, or fitness level may be, you’ll definitely find the right one for you. Those who want to opt for a good-looking and comfortable e-bike that can be used for daily commutes or when running errands may want to get the Nakto Breeze Classic bike that features a step-through frame for easy mount and dismount and a dual carrier system that can accommodate you, your kids, your pets, and even your groceries.

Those who want to take their e-bikes on an adventure outdoors may enjoy the Nakto Ranger All-Terrain electric bike which can assist you up steeper inclines to reduce exhaustion.

No need to worry about taking them out during the rainy season either because all Nakto PH bikes are rated IP65 dust- and water-resistant!

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Nakto PH provides a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all major parts and components, as well as regular tune-ups to help keep their customers’ e-bikes always in tip-top shape. Nakto PH also delivers its e-bikes fully built and ready to ride anywhere in the Philippines. Those residing around Metro Manila can also avail of the NPT’s Built and Delivered Program where representatives can personally deliver your e-bike, conduct a short orientation, and facilitate the first test ride.

Reduce your carbon emissions without burning yourself out by getting your first electric bikes today!

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