Nadine Lustre Talks Wildest Dreams, Reveals Upcoming Album Has a Song About Her Late Brother

Music production house Careless held an exclusive press conference this morning, October 24th 2020, for Nadine Lustre, whose first solo album is set to be released on October 31st. The announcement was first made by the record label on their social media last October 21st, a week after the release of Nadine’s new single, Wildest Dreams. The single quickly garnered positive reactions from fans, but unbeknownst to them, the song is actually part of a full-length album of the same title.

The Wildest Dreams press conference was opened by the President of Careless, James Reid, who talked in his introduction about the collaborative effort of the Careless team to produce this much-anticipated album. The session was hosted by Debbie Then.

During the press conference, Nadine was asked, Which song is your favorite from the upcoming Wildest Dreams album? The actress/singer said it was difficult to choose just one as all her songs are close to her heart, but if there had to be one, it was the track Save A Place. Nadine shared that the track is about her brother. “I didn’t write it,” the singer said, and shared how the emotional song came to life.

She explained that at a dinner one time with friends, she was talking to friend and music producer Marcus Davis about her late brother — sharing with Davis all the things she wishes she could have told him before he passed away. A few days later, Davis surprised Nadine with a track he made about everything Nadine had shared. “The song was on point,” Nadine expressed. She said the song hit so close to home that the first time they tried to record it, she couldn’t — her voice would break and she would just end up crying.

Wildest Dreams is that. The unraveling of the true artist — and being — behind the façade of a celebrity. This is an album where she allows herself to be truly vulnerable, revealing her truest self, the singer shared.

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As a Scorpio, Nadine said, she has always been the kind to hide her feelings — especially in her line of work where it often requires her to do so.

Nadine shared that working on the album actually started in late 2019, but was paused for a bit because of the pandemic. Ultimately, she realized that the pandemic didn’t hinder, but actually helped, the process. “I had a lot of time by myself,” the singer said. And during this period where there wasn’t a lot of work hustle to keep her busy, Nadine found herself traveling inwards — to feel, to reflect, to pour.

When asked about the main theme of her album, she quickly responded that it was “literally” about dreams. That whether it’s dreams during slumber or daydreaming, Nadine says, “I believe dreams are messages from our subconscious.” And Wildest Dreams is all about that — all the thoughts and dreams that make Nadine.

Nadine Lustre’s Wildest Dreams Visual Album is set for release on October 31st, at 9pm, under Careless. A sneak peek for the Visual Album will be released tonight, October 24th at 6pm, so  make sure you’re following Careless on social media to get a taste of Nadine’s Wildest Dreams. (We already got a glimpse, and we’re telling you, it is fire.)

Check out the Wildest Dreams teaser below.

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