Mystery Burger Festival at the Burger Company, QC

When In Manila and eager to try the freshest new twist in the local burger scene,
come to Burger Company at ScoutReyes, QC for their Mystery Burger Festival Happening for the month of March

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Established in 2013 with Francis Timbol Fabie‘s team and Alvin Chun Ong‘s culinary team, they sought out with their mission: Good Burgers. A business that started as a “craving” it “paved the way for a passion beyond really good burgers. It paved the way for Burger Company, the business of better burgers. “

The Burger Company is not all about burgers, the best part of it all is they have BOARD GAMES! 

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 Am I happy? Maybe. 

at one point in our life, being bombarded with the digital era, we bid goodbye to board games but it is now making a come back and I’m glad we have a place like The Burger Company to unleash the pre-ipad-game child in me.

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So burgers, board games, what else?

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 I call this the BAEcon. Baaaaaaacon! and Baaacccoooon! with cheese dip.

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They also have the tastiest Milkshakes! Creamy and thick.

Who doesn’t love burgers? The quintessencial ideals of it all: Meat, veggies, carb all in one bite. Simple geniusness at its finest! In reference to one of my favorite How I Met Your Mother episode when the gang searched for the best burger; as they recall it in their minds: fresh and beefy, simple but classic. How about you? How would you recall the best burger you’ve had? 

What is the Mystery Burger Festival? Well, every Saturday for the month of March you can avail their  Mystery Burgers where they will serve you 3 petite burgers from around the world. Simple doesn’t cut it here at The Burger Company. An adventurous girl as myself loved the whole concept of I didn’t know what I was about to devour on last Saturday night. It was pretty exciting!

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 For the first Saturday of the March, they took us to a burger-culinary-tour in Asia: Thailand, China and Indonesia. 

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Thailand’s Burger: Lettuce, tomato, beef, Red Thai curry dressing, onion and croque crisp served in Black Bun.  
Verdict: I LOVE CURRY!!! & the fact that it has potato. Would def come back for this! 4/5 stars


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 China: lettuce, tomato, beef, hoisin sauce, bacon, wontons served in black bun
They were excited for us to try this. The whole concept is wrapped around a peking duck “sandwich”
you have the sweetness and the crunch from the fried wonton. 
Personally, not a big fan of hoisin, very sweet for my taste. But this was a crowd favorite, all in all 3/5

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Indonesia: Tomato, beef, satay curry dressing, cucumber, red onions
Unlike the first burger, this had a bit of kick to it, which I loved. Sweet, smoky, spicy, perfect. 
Definetely my favorite burger out of the three! 5/5


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After tasting all the burgers, you will be given these which are color coded and you will drop them in to vote for the best burger. After this month, the burger with the most votes will be on The Burger Company’s menu. You are encouraged to also make up names for each individual burger. You will win a prize when the name that you made wins!


So When In Manila, want to experience burgers which are new, fresh, innovative and completely outside the box,
come to The Burger Company near Mother Ignacia for your burger and board game fix!

 Photo Credit to Buffy Villaluna


(02) 949 2269  // 11:00am – 10:00pm

72B Scout Reyes corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City, Philippines




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