MyMusic Store: The Biggest Music Downloading Site In The Philippines


When In Manila, and you suddenly crave for new music just like the way you do for food in the middle of the night but just could not head down to your favorite record bars, fret not my fellow eclectics, a one stop music shop solution is here. Hail the Philippines’ BIGGEST and legitimate online music store – MyMusicStore!



There are only 8 simple ways to get your ears on those amazing songs from your favorite international and local artists.


Step 1: Use the search bar to look for the title, album, and/or name of the artist or band.


Step 2: Once the results are out, click on the preview button to hear the sample just in case you are still tip toeing whether the song is worth the space in your music player.


Step 3: You can purchase the song by clicking Buy Song which then goes to your MyMusicStore Cart.


Step 4: Click View Cart Now to review all the items you have on queue for payment.


Step 5: Once decided on which songs to download, click on Proceed To Payment which then would give you four payment options.

a. Mobile Load (currently via Smart)
b. Paypal
c. Credit Card
d. MyMusicStore Gift Card


Step 6: You will then receive a Payment Confirmation on your songs/albums purchase.


Step 7: View all the songs/albums on your MyCollection page.


Step 8: Click on Download and Save File to your computer, but do take note that you have to do this within 24 hours from the date of your purchase.


Now that we got the quick mechanics on the way, let us talk prices. Songs range from Php 20 to Php 35 while albums from Php 150 to Php 400 – which is a pretty good deal. Getting your music would be just a few clicks away and with such price range, you will be on your way to your quick music fix. You would not need to rip the songs out from your purchased cds nor head out to the record bars to get the album – that is if you are that person who prefers not owning a physical cd.





What makes MyMusicStore different from other online music stores is the readily accessible OPM albums/songs. The site, in partnership with different local labels and associations of the record industry here in the Philippines, strengthen the promotion of local artists and is a step closer to narrowing the music piracy in the country.


To allow us to enjoy what OPM is all about that day, our ear candies during the launch:



 Zia Quizon




Richard Poon




 Bamboo performing his hits songs “Questions and Spin”







Mr. Gary Valenciano



So When In Manila and you are that person who would prefer buying music online, visit MyMusicStore at to get your music fix for the day.