Mydailyhairph: Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days with These Hair Extensions

Have you ever dreamed of having short hair one day and long hair the next? Well, now you can. Thanks to Mydailyhairph, your dilemma of cutting your hair short or growing it long will no longer be much of a problem. You can have short hair and still achieve those long gorgeous locks in a matter of minutes.

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Ate Kris, the founder of Mydailyhairph, is here to the rescue! Yes, we found someone who shares the same struggles as us that eventually led her to create her own online shop. Ate Kris spent a lot of time doing research, and finally came up with “OPEN TOP HAIR EXTENSIONS”, the brand’s trademark. The brand offers synthetic hair extensions that look like real hair. Amazing, right?


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Most brands in the market are so pricey, they’ll leave you broke; or so cheap, they look too shiny and unnatural. Of course, we don’t want that. We can be fashionably classy without breaking the bank and also look effortlessly beautiful without looking too made up. Not only that; these extensions are also “hair-friendly”. Yup, they won’t damage your real hair. 😉


It comes in different hair lengths, too, and you can choose from a variety of styles and colors: straight or wavy, whatever you prefer. You can try different hairstyles of your choice. Plus, it’s very convenient to use! No need to go out and visit the salon. You can simply install the extensions in the comfort of your home. These extensions can even be cut to your desired length. You can DIY all you want.  It can also be styled using a flat iron or wand. Easy peasy!

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Here are the before and after shots. The hair extensions will blend with your real hair; it won’t look like you’re wearing extensions. (Model is wearing hair extensions in Bhelle Ombre – loose wave.)





We also tried to pair it with different outfits. You can now pair your best OOTD with your best HOTD. So fab!

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The hair extensions come with aftercare instructions, too. After all, just like your real hair; these babies need pampering, too.

Discount, discount!

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Visit Mydailyhairph on Facebook and hit the like button to get 10% off on their products. You can visit them on their Instagram account, too! Don’t forget to take a screenshot and send them a PM if you want to avail of the promo. Exciting! Happy new hair, loves!



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