9 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Starting Your Own Home

It’s not very easy making a home out of your very own space, especially when you’ve just started living on your own. If you’re still at a loss about where to begin, why not start in the kitchen? With these kitchen appliances, you can enjoy creating meals with ease in your very own new home. Build your own kitchen by getting these must-have appliances on Lazada:

9. Rice Cooker

kyowa rice cooker

Photo from Lazada

What’s a Filipino kitchen without a rice cooker, right? This is definitely something you need to have in your new home. Buy this 1.5L rice cooker now!

8. Electric Kettle

kyowa glass kettle

Photo from Lazada

Anyone will need instant hot water at some time in their own home—whether it’s for coffee or cooking food. This glass electric kettle will help you with that! It even features such a sleek and elegant look that anyone will love. Buy this must-have electric kettle here!

7. Double Burner Gas Stove

kyowa gas stove

Photo from Lazada

What’s a kitchen without a stove? This double burner gas stove is a great option for starting your home. It’s a space saver and very easy to use. Get this double burner gas stove here!

6. Personal Coffee Maker

kyowa coffee maker

Photo from Lazada

If you’re someone who can’t function without coffee in the morning, then this personal coffee maker is definitely a must-have in your starting home. You can easily make 5 cups of fresh coffee at a time! Get your own coffee maker here!

5. Blender

kyowa blender

Photo from Lazada

Want to experiment with more drinks at home? You’ll need a powerful blender for that! Get your own powerful glass blender here!

4. Bread Toaster

kyowa bread toaster

Photo from Lazada

Always on the go in the mornings? You can easily fix yourself a simple breakfast with this bread toaster! Buy it here now!

3. Electric Oven

kyowa electric oven

Photo from Lazada

Enjoy creating a wider range of dishes at your own home with an easy-to-use electric oven. This sleek stainless steel oven can hold up to 100L and it even includes a rotisserie function. Buy your own electric oven here!

2. Air Fryer

kyowa air fryer

Photo from Lazada

Want to get in on the newest kitchen trend? You might want to get your own air fryer! Not only will you be able to lessen your oil intake, “deep frying” will be much easier, too. Get your air fryer here!

1. Multi-Cooker

kyowa multicooker

Photo from Lazada

If you really love to cook for a lot of people, this multi-cooker can help you create a lot of dishes easily. No more going through a variety of pots and pans—your multi-cooker just might be the only thing you need! Buy your must-have multi-cooker here!

Let us know your experience with these must-have kitchen appliances! Share your stories in the comments section.

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