MUSIC: Unique Salonga has spoken about his departure from IV of Spades

Many fans were shocked about the announcement of vocalist Unique Salonga leaving IV of Spades. Although the announcement was made through a joint statement made by remaining members Zild, Badjao and Blaster, Unique himself has something to say.

Just tonight, a statement written by Salonga was uploaded on his Twitter account. It has been published in the IV of Spades Official Facebook account as well.


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Rough translation:

Just a couple of moments ago, I took a peek at social media for a while. I’ve seen a lot who are angry and dismayed because I left the band.

Many were seeking for answers on what the real reason was and why I left even if we already established a name for ourselves.

To those who are asking why, you’ll be shocked … with happiness. You’ll eventually find out if you’re really dying to know the truth, you could also find it out yourself. It’s (a form of) exercise as well for thinking. So for those who are just waiting right there and depending on gossip from gossipers: mind your own business.

You might be wondering because I could tell you all straight up. Maybe you could say that I’m being defensive because I’m keeping a secret from you guys. Yes, that’s true. But there’s still nothing you guys can do and you’ll get nothing from this post other than a lot of thank you’s, like this:

Thank you for all those who supported. To all that sacrified and even gave up because of crying, don’t lose hope. You’ll reach far places and maybe you’ll traverse far to find who you really are, like (what happened to) me. Thank you to all the good people who caught me when my own identity was dying. To those who sustained me to bring back what I missed out during the times I was still finding myself. If not for them, I wouldn’t be this strong and I will continue to be scared of my own fears.

Thank you to the three I consider my friends.

Of course, thank you to the parents who guided all four of us. You were all a big help. Yes, it was big, that’s why I greatly thank you for whatever that (kind of) help is. Thank you!

This is the feeling you show people you care but you don’t really directly tell them. It’s hard to enter showbiz afterall, right?

But seriously, what I am experiencing now is making me think that it’s hard to turn away from the things that you worked hard for. Especially if this is what makes makes you live, and what completes you.

Uy! I’m not pertaining to money, ah.

So, there. Thank you again. We shall see each other again in another episode of my life. God bless you all, mga b.

— The Son of Coco (The Brainwashed).


Good luck with your future endeavors, Unique!

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