Muni: A Local Brand that Makes Sustainably Fashionable and Eco-Friendly Clothes

Words by Denise Nicole Uy / Photos by Chris Cancio

Being eco-friendlier has been a point of interest for me. I try to be as conscious as possible about the amount of waste I produce; however, it isn’t just the responsibility of the consumer but also of the producers to be aware of the impact their products have on the environment. 

Muni Cancio 8

This dress Denisse is wearing costs around Php1,200!

That’s why I was delighted to find the brand Muni! After watching a documentary on the devastating impact of fast fashion on the environment, looking for eco-friendlier alternatives has been a priority of mine. It was a bit difficult at first because our malls are dominated by big brands; but through online shopping, I was able to get my hands on some of Muni’s cute clothes!

Muni Cancio 10

The blue dress I’m wearing is called the Kaylee Dress and it’s around Php1,900!


This cute linen LBD is also available in their shop! It’s called the Stella Dress and it’s around Php2,400.

Being environmentally-aware doesn’t mean we have to stop wearing fashionable clothing. With Muni, it’s quite the opposite. What I adore is that their clothing is light and comfortable. Plus, they pay their workers sustainable wages! Using biodegradable materials, Muni strives to not only have a good impact on the environment, but also to provide a living for their workers.

Muni Cancio 13

The thing with living in the Philippines is that we always have to dress like we’re expecting the worst but hoping for the best, especially now that it’s the rainy season! I love their cute sun dress because when the sun is hot and angry during the day, the light material makes me feel cool.

And then, when it inevitably starts to rain in the afternoon, I can put on a nice warm jacket and I’m good to go! 

Muni Cancio 21

I don’t usually wear camisoles, but this one is an exception. It’s made from silk and I feel so fancy while wearing it! The fabric is so soft and I love how it feels on my skin. Silk is a very breathable fabric and you’ll be surprised by how easily you can match this with different outfits.

Muni Cancio 23

The silk tops we’re wearing is called the Veronica top and costs around Php1,200!

Being eco-friendly is an ongoing process. It doesn’t end when you buy that metal straw or that tote bag. Being aware of the impact my actions have on the environment is something that I’m still working on.

Muni Cancio 19

Knowing that eco-friendly fashion is now an option makes me giddy with excitement because I still love dressing up and I’m glad Muni is giving me that chance while still being sustainable. They also have free domestic shipping. My wallet is SINGING!




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