READ: This Twitter Thread Can Help You Start A Zero Waste Lifestyle

We all should be doing our part in making our only home planet livable until the end of time. The earth is in need of our concrete plans and actual steps in preventing it from spiraling into destruction.

We have seen the many effects of excessive pollution, and there have also been many suggestions on what we can do to reduce this. Recently, many people have been turning to a zero-waste lifestyle in order to do their part in saving the planet.

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This is such an effective lifestyle change for making the world a better place, but the problem is that it’s not such a simple thing to live a waste-free life.

Fortunately, this Twitter thread by @halongkamo shows us what to do and how to start a zero-waste lifestyle. Check it out below:

zero waste 1

zero waste 2

zero waste 3

zero waste 4

zero waste 5

The thread gives such practical tips for a waste-free lifestyle and promotes local businesses that help with this advocacy as well. There are various businesses that sell metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and even stylish eco bags that lessen the use of plastics when shopping!

Imagine if every Filipino learned how to live a zero-waste lifestyle–the amount of pollution will drastically change and the world will ultimately be a better place.

Do you have any tips on living waste-free? Share it with us!