Mt. Mayon and Mt. Fuji Will Be Sisters of ‘Fire and Ice’

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Mt. Mayon in Albay and Mt. Fuji in Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan will soon forge a sisterhood of “fire and ice.” This partnership is deemed as a stellar tourism marketing move.

Mt Fuji

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The two volcanoes have significant resemblance. Both volcanoes are popular for their virtually perfect cone shape, which many tourists from around the world find mesmerizing.

In March, an Albay delegation and officials of Fuefuki and Yamanshi met in Japan for the final draft of the sisterhood.

Delegates for Albay included Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 5 Director Maria Ravanilla, Tourism Attaché and Representative to East Japan Gwendolyn Batoon, Albay Provincial Tourism Officer Dorothy Colle, and four board members.

Ceremonial signing of the pact is to be set soon.

The sisterhood is expected to give a tourism boost to both destinations.

Fire is for Mt. Mayon due to its iconic cone shape spewing fire at the top. Ice is for Mt. Fuji due to its snow-covered top nearly all year long.

What do you think of this sisterhood?