Motorists Reveal How This Oil Helped Prolong The Life Of Their Old Car’s Engine

Do you own an old vehicle that has a sentimental value? You know, something you call your “good old reliable?”

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That could be the first car you bought with your first pay; the first car you and your spouse acquired; a family car handed down to you or maybe, you just love old cars?

Sadly, the older the vehicle, the less efficient. It may smoke belch, consume more fuel, and become generally less responsive in terms of acceleration. Truth is, to constantly tune and maintain old vehicles is costly and some would call it a “fool’s errand.”

Not until I discovered Pertua.

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Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment not only saves your engine but also eliminates smoke belching, increases power, and prevents premature overhauling. I tried and tested it and surprisingly, it worked. You may read my full review here.

However, don’t take my word for it. Motorists, who have tried it, revealed how Pertua helped prolong their old car’s engine.

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Here are some of the testimonials they shared with us. Let’s start reading them, shall we?

Even with a relatively new car Pertua does wonders!

pertua nd daughters car

“I used Pertua on a brand new car and my daughter was amazed as it gains more speed and engine glides so smoothly. I also used this on my3-year-old Mitsubishi diesel engine and it performs better and less on fuel.”

Pertua prevents overheat due to oil starvation

pertua 10 yr old car


Credit: Blue Devil Products

“This oil additive saved my 10-year-old car from total annihilation. I mistakenly mistook the oil dipstick as the transmission stick and thought it was still full. Little did I know that I was running with just the oil in the filter. It was like running WITH NO oil at all, for three months. I even went from Fairview to Sucat and back, twice, high noon, scorching heat, with aircon on. Pertua was personally tried and tested.”

Pertua as regular oil treatment 

toyota revo

(Not the actual photo)

“Tested this Pertua….our old REVO runs already more than 650,00 kilometers and it is 17 years. Every time we change oil, we mix Pertua.”

Even European cars benefit from Pertua and made a believer out of a BMW owner

pertua BMW

bmw logo

“I used Pertua in our brand new BMW and I really compared the difference. Our BMW really performed like a “BMW” same with our 2014 Van that we use for our business. Our oil life is long and our van performs really best. Thank you pertua I’m a pertua believer Whoever said additives are all in the mind does not have a

mind and whoever said they’ve used pertua but didn’t see any improvement probably already have a junk car. Pertua is an additive oil for working cars not for total wrecks   -2 thumbs up”

Pertua boosts power even with a 4 speed A/T transmission

“Used oil n metal treatment to my 2003 xwind xuvi AT. lesser usok at mas malakas hatak, 130kph is effortless knowing na diesel at AT 4speed pa. 173k ODO as of d moment. ( used oil and meatal treatment to my 2003 X-wind xuvi A/T, less smoke and more power. 130 KPH is effortless knowing the engine is diesel and has a 4 speed automatic transmission, the odometer read 173,000 kilometers)”

Pertua does wonders even for a well-maintained old car

pertua and the 20 yr old car

Pertua increases acceleration to a 2004 model vehicle

pertua and crosswind

Satisfied motorist gives Pertua 2 thumbs up.

pertua used on grasya

Pertua really saves your engine/motor

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Because Pertua is proudly Filipino made

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It prevents it from smoke-belching

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This motorist has proven the reliability of Pertua and uses it in all of his old vehicles

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The above-mentioned testimonials are just a few of the hundreds of comments we received when we reviewed Pertua.

The majority of them are satisfied with how Pertua works. Some say it’s magical! You may click this link to read the hundreds of comments and testimonies from my review.

Over To You

It’s hard to maintain cars, especially, if you are limited with the budget. However, with the upcoming excise tax, you might want to keep your “good old reliable” until you can afford a brand new one. Keeping an old car isn’t for everyone. It really depends on how you use it.

What are you waiting for? Fire up the engine of your old vehicle and bring it back to life. Head out to the nearest Pertua seller and be counted among the motorist who are satisfied with Pertua and who continue to enjoy their old ride. By the way, Pertua is proudly Filipino made.

 So, what’s your #PertuaStory? Share them in the comments!