Mother’s Crepe and Cafe Manila: Japan’s Nutritious and Delicious Crepes Come to the Philippines

When in Manila, they say a mother knows best. And it’s a mothers care that is the inspiration behind the name of Mother’s Crepe and Cafe, which proudly claims to serve deliciously healthy crepes – something a loving mother would feed her own child. Mother’s Crepe and Cafe is a franchise of the wildly popular Japanese crepe cafe (also known as Mazazu Crepe) which has finally reached the shores of Manila at the Mall of Asia.




cheesecake crepe

the Caramel Strawberry Cheesecake Soft is their best seller




At first sight, these crepes look anything but healthy. But just count on the Japanese to develop something that is nutritious without sacrificing great flavor. Mother’s Crepe and Cafe uses low fat whip cream and the crepes are made from a special recipe that contains bran, a healthy dietary fiber, enriched with essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. It may not sound very appetizing, but it’s recommended that people should consume 2-5 grams of these minerals everyday. So all you need to do is eat one Mother’s Crepe and you’ve already had one gram of your daily mineral quota!



Ok, so that should be enough health talk to rationalize why its ok to binge on these decadent looking crepes. Besides, I’m sure you’re not really reading this to know about the health benefits of Mother’s Crepes, so lets get down to business.




crepe flavors

there are countless varieties of crepes to choose from. I could almost hear all their little crepe voices screaming “me! me! pick me!”




It would be an understatment to say I was a little overwhelmed with the menu. They had a selection of standard, premium, deluxe and ice cream crepes that ranged from sweet to savory. They even had a special selection of Filipino favorites which includes uniquely Pinoy flavors such as choc-nut, halo-halo and the famously sweet Philippine mango.




making crepe

they make the crepes fresh as you order it




I had a bit of a case of “kid in a candy store” syndrome while selecting which crepe to try, but alas I was urged to try their best seller – the Caramel Strawberry Cheesecake Soft Crepe. I would say this one was the mother of all crepes as it was packed with whipped cream, Raw Milk Vanilla ice cream, giant Driscoll’s strawberries, topped with a slice of homemade cheesecake and drizzled with caramel.




 anatomy of crepe1


the anatomy of a Mother’s Crepe, flavor-packed-healthy-goodness




A word of warning: be prepared and go on an empty stomach. They may look dainty but these bran packed crepes are really filling. It was a challenge to finish this whole crepe in one sitting, though delicious as it was, it was pretty heavy on the tummy. It can also be quite a messy ordeal to eat but fortunately they provided a handy step-by-step guide for a mess-free way to eat your crepe.





how to crepe

how to eat your crepe, step by step




What I immediately thought upon taking my first bite was that the ingredients were really top quality. The whipped cream was so rich that I thought it was the ice cream! And it certainly didn’t taste like low fat but rather like full cream whip. When I finally got down to the ice cream itself I was pleased to discover that it was not overly sweet, which I find most other soft serve ice creams to be. The crepe itself was soft and fluffy and also had its own creaminess that blended well with the ice cream. The cheesecake had a spongecake base instead of the usual graham crust which I think was a better complement to the softness of the crepe. Overall, I was happy with the subtly sweet flavors of all the ingredients making it a very pleasant dessert that didn’t give me a sugar headache in the end.





the cheesecake is baked by the owner herself from a family recipe




But wait! There’s more!


Apart from their delicious healthy crepes, Mother’s Crepe and Cafe also serves a range of hot and cold drinks. They serve shakes, floats, tapioca drinks as well as teas and coffee. They also carry the Key Coffee brand which is another top coffee brand in Japan. One bonus for odering their drinks is that you can get a P20 discount if you order their combo set of a crepe plus a drink.




drinks specials

they serve some drinks with a Filipino twist




If you’re in the mood for something cold, you can also order their imported Japanese soft serve ice cream that comes in Raw Milk Vanilla and a another special flavor that changes every week. This ice cream is a best seller in Japan and it comes from Hokkaido Island which is known for their superior dairy products.





ice cream

soft ice cream from Hokkaido is a hit in Japan





Mother’s Crepe and Cafe has gained much popularity beyond the shores of it’s birthplace in Japan, reaching as far as Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Korea, China, Australia and Hongkong.




mothers crepe adeline

a mother of three, Mrs. Adeline Santiago opened the first branch of Mother’s Crepe and Cafe in Manila after trying the crepes in Hong Kong




When in Manila, you too can enjoy the great tasting, good for your health crepes, soft serve ice cream, shakes, tea and coffee at Mother’s Crepe and Cafe.









Mother’s Crepe and Cafe
2F Entertainment Hall
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Tel# (632) 804-1910









Mother’s Crepe and Cafe Manila: Japan’s Nutritious and Delicious Crepes Come to the Philippines