More Secrets To Buffet Eating Without Getting Fat

Our post entitled “The Secret to Buffet Eating Without Getting Fat” was exceedingly popular and was read in over 40 countries throughout the world. There is a universal love of enjoying a sumptuous buffet but the resulting weight gain usually means we limit our enjoyment of this treat.

I have even shown that on the Primed Lifestyle you can eat a 5-Course Dinner with Wine Without Getting Fat

Here are some more tips on how to enjoy your buffet dining experience even more and also not gain those dreaded pounds.

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6 More Tips on How To Enjoy Your Buffet Dining Experience:


These tips are practical tips with respect to a better way to eat. It resolves around looking at your food as information that tells your body how to operate. The number 1 tennis player in the world is Serbian Novak Djokovic and he tells of a Serbian saying that “Energy comes from your mouth.” So these tips relate to the fact that your food speaks to your body, influences it and directs it.


1. Eat Slowly and Consciously:

We live in a fast-food culture that includes eating fast. So, slow down and resist today’s fast food mentality. Take your time to really appreciate your food. Appreciate the colors, smell, texture and taste more. Interestingly, as you improve the quality of food, the quality of your taste buds will return.

A way to eat slowly is to always put your fork down after each bite. There is no prize for finishing your meal first.

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2. Chew Your Food Well:

Always bear in mind that digestion begins in the mouth. As you chew the food breaks down and your stomach has time to prepare for the food. When you chew well the enzymes in your saliva breaks down the food in your mouth more so that your stomach doesn’t have to. The consequence of not chewing properly is that your stomach gets a big data dump of food which slows digestion. You might also then over eat seeing your food is digesting more slowly than otherwise it should. Your body also works harder to digest the partially chewed food.

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3. If You Drink Water, Make it Room Temperature, Not Iced:

Ice draws blood to the digestive system to heat it up to body temperature which slows your digestive process. You want your digestive system to work better and faster.


4. Be Thankful for Your Food:

Be thankful for your blessings, the food, the company of your companions and the fact that there are millions throughout the world who are not as fortunate. Be mindful that someone planted and grew your vegetables. They had to be cared for, watered and picked. They were taken to the market, bought and then dedicated chefs crafted them for your enjoyment. There is a lot of labor involved and we should be grateful.

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5. Power of Positivity:

Try and avoid using your phone or computer whilst enjoying your buffet. Besides being terrible manners for when you should be taking and laughing with your companions, the information from your phone/computer is often negative and not uplifting. Remember that food is information and it is best to have that information surrounded by positive messages.

Healing-With-Water-Emoto-2004, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 2004 by Masaru Emoto M.D. has a study where 2 glasses of water were subjected to positive and negative energy through human words. The positive words for the 1st water glass saw the water remain clean and clear. The negative words for the 2nd glass resulted in a discolored water glass. Whilst the study has had its scientific distractors with respect to its veracity it does give food-for-thought.


6. Quality, Not Quantity:

The last tip relates to eating your buffet according to the Primed Lifestyle which promotes quality fuel/energy for your body. Poor quality options include sugar laden products, processed foods and grains. These products are can certainly fill you up quickly and can be delicious, but are they optimal for your nutritional needs? Quality meats, seafood and vegetables are obviously healthier alternatives that will not spike your blood sugar levels and have negative inflammation effects on your body.

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The Final Word:

“You are what you eat – so don’t be Fast, Easy, Cheap or Fake.”

A lot of the information above came from a great book I read from Novak Djokovic called Serve to Win. He credits his rise to being the number one tennis player in the world eliminating gluten from his diet by getting cleaner energy from organic, natural and unprocessed food.



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More Secrets To Buffet Eating Without Getting Fat