Moonshine PUB: A Unique Fusion of Flavors

Some time last year, we told you about Moonshine PUB in Ortigas and how it’s such a cozy place to drink and dine after a long day at work. Aside from the cool ambiance and the great drinks, they’re very much known for their food. They’ve just recently released a new menu, by the way, and this new menu showcases well-crafted dishes that fuse international favorites with Filipino tastes. Check out some of the new stuff they have in store for everyone:


From L-R: Danggit Pizza (Php430), Lechon Bulaklak (Php300), Jehrad’s Fried Chicken (Php400), Glazed Bangus with Ensaladang Mangga (Php390), Bagoong Rice (Php180)


Best-selling non-alcoholic drinks as featured above: Calamansi Basil (Php154), Fresh Lemonade (Php132)

Here’s some fun trivia about the Danggit Pizza: it’s not officially part of the menu (don’t worry, we got permission to reveal this little secret!), but it serves as an alternative to their Pork Floss Pizza in case the customer doesn’t eat pork. Well, if you eat pork yet you want to give this a try, just let them know! The staff members at Moonshine PUB are cool and chill people. We love them.


Speaking of cool people, meet Chef Jehrad Dolino. He’s part of the 5 awesome guys we have to thank for Moonshine PUB. Fusing Filipino flavors with international dishes and enhancing our own Filipino favorites are his idea. When you go to Moonshine PUB, it’s like entering an industrially Western-themed bar yet their new menu proudly boasts of our own food. Way to go, Moonshine PUB!

When you find yourself in Moonshine PUB, you might want to check out Jehrad’s Fried Chicken, commonly known as JFC, too. It’s Chef Jehrad Dolino’s personal recipe that spices up a typical boneless chicken. JFC comes in 4 chicken fillets with salad and mashed potatoes – definitely a must-try!

Have you been to Moonshine PUB? Tell us about the food you’ve tried!

Moonshine PUB x Public Urban Bar

Retail L-005 to 006, The Sapphire Bloc, Sapphire corner Onyx corner Garnet road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City



Twitter: @moonshinepub

Instagram: @moonshine_pub



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