Momona Loa Poké Aims to Bring a Taste of Hawaii to the Philippines

Despite the slew of online businesses that opened during the pandemic, there is one particular kind of food that I had been having trouble finding: poke bowls. Prior to the pandemic, poke bowls were one of my favorite choices of comfort food. In fact, every time I saw a poke bowl on a restaurant’s menu, I never had to think twice. It was an instant decision. That was what I ordered. So when I discovered that there were poke bowls available for delivery – and in my very own village, to boot – I knew I had to get a taste of them.

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Momona Loa started in a home kitchen as a mother-daughter worked on recipes and food projects together. Friends that came over loved their food and would encourage them to sell all of their favorites. “It later dawned on us that we could actually work together and open a food business one day,” Marga shares.

When the pandemic brought about financial difficulties and the airline industry was greatly affected, they knew it was time to try out their partnership. Since it was an online business – a good training ground for young entrepreneurs to venture on – they decided to come up with a product that was not known to many and was not particularly common in Manila.

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Photo from Momona Loa

Momona Loa’s first original flavor was the Spicy Tuna, which eventually became their bestseller. Soon after that, they decided to market it as Hawaiian Style Poké and came up with the name ‘Momona Loa Poké’. All the other flavors that followed were inspired and created uniquely through lots of fun and experimentation with an added Filipino and Japanese twist.

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Photo from Momona Loa

Poké is not a very common type of food amongst Filipinos, so it is a joy to see Momona Loa bring Hawaii to our shores by introducing their most famous cuisine. Momona Loa also gives suggestions on how to enjoy their poké bowls. “When one is creative and adventurous, it is truly one dish you can enjoy,” Marga beams.
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Photo from Momona Loa

If you happen to live in BF Homes, as well, you can enjoy free delivery; those outside of the area will need to book their own riders. Each order is packed with a Thank You card and comes with instructions telling you to refrigerate it and consume it within the day. It also tells you how to best enjoy their products, which is eaten raw and cold. Make sure to place your orders at least a day before the desired delivery date! They only bring out the tuna they need for the day to make sure that poké is fresh all day everyday!

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