Mommy D Memes: Best Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao Pics

Mommy D Memes: Dionesia Pacquiao Is The REAL Winner of Sunday’s Fight 


Dionesia Pacquiao, or Mommy D as we all call her, was the REAL winner on Sunday’s Pacquiao and Bradley fight.

Mommy D Miss Universe winner


Who doesn’t love Mommy D?

She’s a celebrity in her own right. She’s feisty and never holds back in interviews. She’s funny as hell, too. Each time she appears on TV, whether it’s to talk about her new home or her grand Disney-inspired birthday bash or sing Wrecking Ball, she doesn’t fail at making us smile.

She’s so endearing we can’t get enough of her.

But her popularity is bound to reach new heights after Sunday’s boxing match. 

Hours after the fight, Mommy D memes hit the web and, boy, were they hilarious. 

It doesn’t matter if you like her or not because you’ll be seeing a LOT of Mommy D in the next few days. Brace yourselves for the new internet sensation.


Ned Stark Warning Mommy D posts are coming




Mommy D has always been supportive of her son. Whether she’s back home or watching the fight live, you will always see her with a rosary, praying profusely. 

This time, however, she may have taken things up a notch. 

Does she have magical powers? Is she a distant relative of the Charmed Ones?

Mommy D Voodoo powers activate

You know she’s up to something when she starts to speak in tongues.

 Mommy D speaking tongues

And channel her inner Halliwell.

Mommy D casting a spell

Some say she put a hex on Bradley. Who knows?  All we know is she’s dead serious in her support for Manny that she won’t mind trash-talking. Dios mio!

Mommy D Pac You

And each time Manny threw a successful punch, Mommy D rejoices inside. But even the prim and proper lady in her can’t contain the excitement the entire arena is feeling. Boom!

Mommy D Boom Panes

Though I wonder what her real intentions are for wanting Manny to win.

Mommy D wants hermes bag

Mommy D’s really nice. After all the “hostility” towards Bradley, she showed him some Pinoy hospitality when she went up the stage and approached the loser. Maybe all the ruckus and noise at the ring made it hard for her to hear Timothy clearly and all she can mutter is…

Mommy D Whasup Yo

Gangsta Pacmom?

Her son’s victory is not just theirs. They share the pride with the whole country.

Except, of course, for one thing…

Mommy D Hermes na ituuu

I’m pretty sure she’s getting more than one Hermes after the fight.

You know what’s admirable about Mommy Dionesia? It’s her devotion to her faith. 

She’s so devoted she didn’t forget to pay homage to one of our patron saints in the middle of a violent (sort of) sport. For sure, Rev. Msgr. Jose Clemente Ignacio would be happy after seeing her shout out.

Mommy D Viva Pit Senor
You want to know the real reason behind Manny’s win?

It’s not because she cast spells. Her faith made Manny triumphant so he can glorify the Lord.

Mommy D I pray to Jesus

I couldn’t agree more, Mommy D.

Love or hate her, you’ve no choice but to continue following her unless you want to suffer a terrible fate like Bradley.

Mommy D will put a curse if you unfollow

You must never  mess with the Pacmom.

Mommy D silenceI’m going to shut up now. 

Mommy D buti naman  


 Mommy D Memes: Dionesia Pacquiao Is The REAL Winner of Sunday’s Fight