Mom and Daughter Humiliates Fastfood Crew For Not Understanding Their English

Netizen, Bryan Belo posts this hilarous conversation of what a passerby witnessed during a confrontation in a fast food chain in Angeles, Pampanga. It features a mother and a daughter who were angry that the cashier could not understand their english claiming that they should “Have 2 lines for the cashier, one for educated (english speaking) people and one for normal people” because “it’s taking too long”

The manager who was calm and polite apologized and said that maybe the cashier just misunderstood them and suggests that if they do not meet their (mother daughter) standards then they should just walk away. He asks that they could calmly talk about it instead of humiliating the cashier and causing a scene for everyone to hear.

Adding that the cashier was a working student who is currently in her 3rd year as a Psychology major.


What do you think of the mother and daughter’s debacle?

Is it valid? Also, did the manager handle it well?