MME PRIMETIME: Promoting News Awareness Among the Filipino Youth

MME PRIMETIME: Promoting News Awareness Among the Filipino YouthFINAL POSTER


The premiere marketing organization in the University of the Philippines Diliman, the UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA), is once again set to hold their annual Major Marketing Event (MME) this coming October.

Just like the previous years, UP JMA MME ensures that at the core of their IMC competition is a nationwide relevant advocacy that the competitors are challenged to work with, aiming to promote social responsibility through their ideas and skills. MME’s previous competitions were centered on nationwide issues such as Philippine tourism, voting, road responsibility, disaster awareness, Philippine Sports, and the indie music scene.

This year, the MME team chose to go with an issue that seems to exist in this generation more than ever. This year, MME 2014 presents “MME PRIMETIME: Promoting News Awareness Among the Filipino Youth.”


One of the evident but hardly addressed issues of the country is the growing gap between the Filipino youth and their interest in current events. Nowadays, it is rare to see a teen sit down to read the newspaper or tune into an AM station to catch the latest news. Even the more accessible news mediums such as television reports or online articles don’t seem to attract the youth enough for them to take the time to be in the know. So while the volume and diversity of news information is increasing, its significance to the youth is undeniably at a stand still.


“We expect the youth to be participative, as young as they are. Eventually, they will be the ones running the show”. – GMA 7 News Reporter, Bam Alegre.

This is why the MME team wants to take this year’s competition as an opportunity to advocate news awareness among the Filipino youth. They believe that promoting news literacy will also promote responsible citizenship, which can further contribute to the bigger picture of social and economic progress in the country.

In line with their social thrust, UP JMA supports the need to address this growing gap because they feel it is imperative for the youth to start becoming responsible citizens. MME believes that the Filipino youth should actively strive to acquire socially relevant skills such as critical analysis and educated decision-making, because they are the ones who will hold the nation’s decisions soon. Focused on this particular issue, MME 2014 hopes that the ideas created and presented during the competition will help encourage the youth to develop these essential skills. Moreover, MME aims to reach the youth deep enough to inspire them to be more aware of what’s happening around them through actively reading, listening, or watching the news.


It only takes one big idea to bring about a change. With that, team MME is inviting college students from all over Metro Manila to let their ideas start coming together and help them bring about this change they are working for.

Application forms are available online at Registration fee is set at Php 500 and the deadline is on August 23, 2014. The orientation seminar will be held at Alexandra Condominium Clubhouse, Pasig City. Walk-in registrants will be accommodated.

It’s time to be involved. MME: PRIMETIME, Promoting News Awareness Among The Filipino Youth

Stand by this advocacy with us! This is MME 2014.

MME PRIMETIME: Promoting News Awareness Among the Filipino Youth

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