MMDA Warns That Traffic Will Only Worsen In Upcoming Months

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) sought to warn the public last August 14 that they should expect “hellish traffic” in these last few months of 2019. With traffic already reaching “Christmas-rush” levels MMDA traffic czar Bong Nebrija refused to “sugarcoat” the situation. So people should not be surprised when they experience worse traffic than they have probably encountered so far.

Photo from ABS-CBN News

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“Isang linggo pa lang ang ulan at ang pasko malayo pa [It’s only been one week of rain and Christmas is still far away] and yet we are already seeing the influx of additional cars on EDSA. Expect that when the ‘ber’ months arrive, the traffic will be very unusual,” Nebrija stated.

MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago explained that the amount of vehicles which go through EDSA daily are already at double the amount of its carrying capacity. Around 402,000 vehicles use EDSA every day when it has a carry capacity of only 200,000 vehicles per day. This number is expected to increase in the following months by 20% as well.

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As such, Pialago dislcaims that the MMDA is no longer able to promise any ease of traffic during the holiday season. “Nasa July, August pa lang po tayo pero ang nararanasan nating pagbigat ng trapiko, parang Disyembre na,” She states. “Bibigat po tayo pagdating ng ‘ber’ months.” [It is only July, August and yet the traffic we are experiencing is as if it is already December. It will only get worse in the ‘ber’ months.]

How do you think the problem of traffic can be alleviated?


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