Mister Donut Has Sweet Surprises for Valentine’s Day

Still looking for affordable gifts to give to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? While you may want to spend a lot of money on a special gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, you may also want to surprise the other people in your life that you love on this special day, as well. I, for one, know that I want to surprise all of my fellow single ladies with gifts. I also want to surprise my family to show them that Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily just for lovers.

When trying to buy gifts for a lot of people, though, I find it quite tough to find things that are affordable, that they will all love, and that will still make them feel special all at the same time. That’s where Mister Donut‘s Valentine’s Day specials come in.

Mister Donut Belgian Love Bites Teddy

For Valentine’s Day 2015, Mister Donut is offering special goodies called Belgian Love Bites. They are basically moist chocolate donuts made even more delicious with a filling of Belgian chocolate in the middle and a coating of chocolate on the outside. These mouth-watering treats are fancied up with sweet toppings of white vanilla, strawberry sprinkles and ruby red glitter icing – a perfect match for your Valentine’s Day plans.

Mister Donut Belgian Love Bites

Mister Donut Teddy

The best part? A box of 6 Belgian Love Bites only costs Php160 and comes with a heart-shaped balloon, and a rose-bearing teddy. You can either give all of the gifts to one person or split them between different people. Take note that this offer is only available until February 15, though, so make sure you get them in time to celebrate the day of love! 🙂

Mister Donut Valentine's Day

I’m definitely going to be stocking up on these gifts! Besides, even if I run out of people to give them, too, I can still give them to random people who look sad on Valentine’s Day, right? Or, you know, I can just keep them for myself. :p

What will you be giving your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? 🙂

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