Minami Saki by Astoria: A Japanese Foodie’s Haven

If you’re a Japanese food lover, then Minami Saki should be on your list of must-try restaurants in Manila. Not only do they serve superb dishes, but they also provide an exquisite dining experience.


For a start, the interior of the restaurant is an exhibit of elegant minimalism. With simple decors of wooden patterns and monochromatic shades, the place brings about a sophisticated mood for dining. The spareness of the design also strategically channels the diners’ focus towards the appealing visual presentations of their dishes.



Before trying their specialty dishes, we had this flavorful slice of tofu as a quick appetizer. This succulent tofu will definitely arouse and ready your tastebuds for some delicious meals.


Tofu as appetizer

The first one we tried is their Moriawase Sashimi. This is a big serving of assorted sashimi including tuna, salmon, lapu-lapu, squid, and mackerel. With different tastes and textures, you will definitely enjoy this dish as you try each sashimi. I personally liked the freshness of the mackerel mixed with the taste of soy and wasabi.


Moriawase Sashimi

The next dish we tried is the Kaki Papaya Yaki, torched Japanese oysters topped with miso sauce on a papaya base. I wasn’t a huge fan of oysters before, but this dish definitely turned the tables for me. Their savory miso sauce combined with the mildly sweet taste of papaya complemented the soft texture of the oyster. Every bite is an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

A very unique dish, and a definite must-try!


Kaki Papaya Yaki

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