A Millennial’s Take on Coffee and the Cafe Culture

I’ve always been a coffee drinker. I’d credit this to my Batangeño roots, where I was exposed to having coffee as a staple at the breakfast table, but when does the cafe culture usually come into place in a millennial’s life?

Antipodean 7

It is not enough to just have a cup of coffee to heat up our stomachs anymore. Acidity might lead up to ulcer, after all. That’s why it is nice to have places that have all-day breakfasts available, like Antipodean! The lunch crowd of this sit-down cafe is full of young professionals wanting to get a breather and have brunch dates with their officemates or meetings with clients over a good cup of flat white (Php150) or a Piccolo latte (Php120).

Antipodean 36

Antipodean’s coffee is best paired with Avocado on toast with grilled tomato and bacon (Php350). If you’re hungry, you may go all the way and order a vegetable pizza (Php395), which is a good choice for both vegans and meat eaters alike!

Since we live in an ever-growing world where we are exposed to travel and the Internet, we have become more open to food that has more fusion. In Antipodean, there are items on the menu that aren’t like the Indonesian branches that the café originated from (though you can taste the distinct Indonesian flavor in their dishes).

Antipodean 49

One of Antipodean’s bestsellers is the Vietnamese Fried Beef noodles (Php350), which is categorized under the after-11am menu. It’s already spicy as is; but if you’re adventurous, feel free to add another dash of hot sauce.

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Aside from the all-day breakfast, the Euro-Asian vibe of Antipodean fills the place with expatriates and locals who live in the area. Since the café is pet-friendly, people who visit the Sunday Legaspi Market also hang out here after their scorching shopping experience.

Antipodean Manila

G/F 111 Paseo de Roxas Building Gil cor. Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati


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