WATCH: Mikael Daez Shares Story Behind His and Megan Young’s Nicknames, ‘Fofo’ and ‘Bonez’

Mikael Daez and Megan Young have always lovingly called each other by their pet names. But have you ever wondered why they call each other “Bonez” and “Fofo”? If you’re like me who has been, for a long time, curious about the real story behind the nicknames, then your mind too will finally be eased by the end of this article.

mikael daez megan young wedding

Months after their surprise wedding, Mikael and Megan finally shared their official wedding video by filmmaker Bob Nicolas online, allowing us to see a glimpse of all the fun and emotional moments that happened on that special day.

At the beginning of the video, Mikael started his reception speech with the story of how he first started calling his wife “Bonez.” “Megan and I were hanging out in her house. She was still studying in Benilde and she had a PE homework where she had to see how many push-ups she could do,” he said.

“So, she was on the floor, she was wearing an athletic top and I could see her collarbones… I said, ‘Hey, dude, I’m gonna call you Bonez from now on.’ Of course, I was playing around and the name stuck.”

Then, Mikael continued the story to share how Megan started calling him “Fofo” which had originally come from Mikael’s brother.

Inaasar ko siya. Nahuli ko siya sa banyo, (I was teasing him. I caught him in the bathroom,) I don’t remember what was happening,” he explained. “Sobrang nainis siya, hinabol niya ako (He was so mad, he chased me) around the house.”

He continued, “Eventually, nakuha niya ‘ko, (he caught me,) pinned me up against the wall and wanted to curse me out and say, ‘Mofo.’ Pero (But) Nicky, being him, nabulol siya (tripped over his words) and said, ‘Fofo.'”

He told the story to Megan and, from then on, she started calling him “Fofo” too.

So cute!

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Watch the rest of the beautiful wedding video below:

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