Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Clinic Makes the Road to Perfection Very Affordable



When in Manila, most people work extra hard to get a perfect body. Those who don’t work for it dream of having it, at the very least. Unfortunately, not everybody has time to go to the gym or the money to spend on expensive slimming treatments and beautifying services. The good news is that these services no longer need to cost you an arm and a leg. Just visit Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic and you can get them at very affordable prices.




The waiting area at Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic




All about Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic




Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is located on E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue in Libis, Quezon City. The minute you walk in, the helpful staff will instantly make you feel at home with their warm smiles and genuine kindness. They will also offer you a Mi Cara brochure to check out their services and prices, in case you don’t know what you want or need yet. (I’ve noticed that other clinics leave the prices out, so as not to scare customers away!)




Ideally, you should set an appointment at Mi Cara beforehand, though, so that you can meet their resident doctor on your first visit and talk about the services that you are interested in. Not only will she answer any questions and concerns that you might have regarding their services, but she will also give you recommendations on which services would be best for you.




I have personally already tried out various services at Mi Cara and here are my top three favorites:




Perfect Slim Non-Surgical Lipocavitation






If you have a certain problem area in your body that has been bothering you for a while, you can turn to Mi Cara to help you deal with it. Everybody has a problem area – mine was my bra line, for example. No matter how much I worked out or watched what I ate, the bit of back fat around my bra line simply wouldn’t go away. After five sessions of the Perfect Slim Non-Surgical Lipocavitation at Mi Cara, though, I can proudly say that my back fat no longer exists!




It took five consecutive weeks of getting this treatment done at Mi Cara for it to work for me, but the results will vary from one person to another.




Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment for Permanent Laser Hair Removal






I’m not exactly proud of this fact, but for the purpose of this blog review, it has to be said: I’m quite hairy… on my face. It all started after I gave birth. I’m not quite sure why, but hair started sprouting on my upper lip, my jawline and even my neck! *shudders* Since I didn’t want to shave, I used to stealthily get rid of my facial hair by getting it waxed every now and then. I was quite hesitant to try IPL treatments before because they were so expensive and I didn’t even know if they worked. Well, now I know that they do.




The IPL treatments at Mi Cara are very affordable and after just three sessions (with two-week breaks in-between each session), my facial hair is long gone! No more waxing for me!




ABS Formation






This machine does exactly what its name says it does: it forms abs. (Believe it!) Of course, I’m not anywhere near skinny enough to actually see any abs on my body yet, but I tried it out anyway.







Basically, all you have to do is get hooked onto this machine at Mi Cara and it will work out your abs for you. Amazing! And I could actually feel it working. It will feel like you are doing sit-ups or crunches when you’re actually just lying there. Mind. Blown. The doctor at Mi Cara told me that this machine can be used on the chest and butt, too. Interesting…







You will also find this cork board at Mi Cara, where you can find their most recent promos and offers for their customers. If you feel like making someone happy this Christmas, you can actually buy Mi Cara gift certificates, so they can try out any of their services.




Other Mi Cara Services




Aside from the services I mentioned above, Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic also offers non-surgical skin firming, facial cleaning, back and chest cleaning, skin peeling, cosmetic surgery, dermatology services, and many more. They also have packages that you can avail of, so you can save money with your Mi Cara treatments in the long run – not that you need to, seeing as they are already very affordable as it is.




They also sell affordable skin care products at Mi Cara!




Overall, Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Clinic definitely provides state-of-the-art aesthetic services at very reasonable prices. I’m pretty much hooked on them now myself. So, what are you waiting for? When in Manila, get the body that you want and deserve in no time at all the help of Mi Cara.




Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Clinic



Unit 211 Vignet Center, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City


Tel. No. (02) 544 2682 / 0923 526 6734


Website: www.micara.com.ph


Email: micaraesthetics@gmail.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiCaraClinic




Mi Cara Skin and Aesthetic Clinic Makes the Road to Perfection Very Affordable

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