Menstrual Cups: Using a Cup to Catch Your Period Blood — Yay or Nay?

I can hear you go “EEEWWW!”

I wouldn’t blame you. Using things aside from tampon and our good ‘ol napkin might seem icky and scary but trust me — these menstrual cups changed my life!

Image from menstruationstasse.netThat’s going inside me???? Yup. Pretty much. (Image:

TMI but I have the heaviest flow in the world that even two napkins piled up won’t do the trick to keep me leak-free. I have tried tampons and while it did help with the leak, I find it uncomfortable. I searched high and low until I found out about this weird-looking cup that you’re supposed to insert inside your coochie. First look and I’m freaking out! How could an object that big be inserted inside you and reviews say it’s the most comfortable thing ever! How? What kind of sorcery is this?

Also, it is reusable for up to 10 years. Wash and wear! I didn’t know at first whether I should be amazed or grossed out. (Hint: My mind got blown and I’m amazed!)

Don’t worry! The Universe knows how we, girls, are suffering every month so nope – you are not supposed to insert this as is. It’s an art. You have to fold it like a delicate origami.

Image from pistachioproject.comDifferent folds you can do based on your comfort (Image:

Image from pistachioproject.comOr your mood for the day LOL (Image:

“One thing’s for sure, that big won’t fit inside me!” Somewhere out there, my biology teacher is screaming in anger reminding me of the human anatomy. Female vagina can be stretched. Remember, this is where an average of 7.5 pound babies get birthed from.

The first time that I inserted it, it definitely felt weird! I heard it pop inside me meaning the vacuum has already been sealed and I’m good to go. Wow, oh wow. I was impressed that it felt as if nothing’s inside me. It’s so comfortable unlike pads and it made go leak-free for the first time in almost 10 years of having a period!

Image from earthfriendlylife.wordpress.comWoah! My body’s not ready for this jelly! (Image:

Removing it takes some getting used to but it’s easier than I thought. No, your hands will not touch the blood as you can only touch the base. Hold your breath for a little while as you throw the blood into the toilet bowl then rinse the cup and use again. It doesn’t sound hygienic, but it’s actually more hygienic than marinating your lady parts in a pad.

Once you’re done using it for the whole period week, sterilize it and keep it in the pouch included in your purchase.

Image from edepsizsozluk.comIt stores your period blood inside the cup *gasps* (Image:

I love it so much and I want to share it with you girls because it changed my life for the better. Now I can swim, run, wear white pants, or even dominate the world once I have this menstrual cup on.

Don’t be afraid to try one. There are Instagram and Facebook sellers offering these cups in different colors and base type. I have a black one and a glittered blue one that cost me PHP 1,000 each. Not bad because it can last you 10 years!

Go ahead and try out these menstrual cups. You’ll thank me later!


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