Men’s Fashion the Erb and Chet Way

Erb and Chet Bags

The liam messenger, NS totes, boy packs, and sling bags are perfect matches for a man’s get-up. What is fashion without bags that bear the goods of every busy and socially active guy?

Erb and ChetThe Liam messengers scream of corporate casual style beyond what every guy could think. 

Erb and Chet

For the schoolboy at heart, these boy packs come in different styles because every guy has different tastes. 

Erb and Chet

NS totes for those who bring their portfolios with them.

Erb and Chet

These Harvey slings are perfect for casual strolls down the alley. 


Erb and Chet Button Downs

These button-down shirts with absolutely chic designs, perfect for the urban guy around the corner, just came as a top-off offer. 

Erb and ChetThe designs of these button downs were handpicked and meticulously selected. A guy can complete any get-up with these. 


Mix and match…

And the most fun part is the mix and match part. I asked Erb and Chet to do the combinations. Both agreed that it was a matter of putting the items together to come up with a certain fashion sense or theme. It was worth watching these designers do their thing. 


Erb and ChetCombination 1: denim oxfords, Liam messenger, and a psychedelic button down. 

Erb and Chet

Combination 2: deck shoes, boy pack, and a geometric, calming button down. 

Erb and Chet

Combination 3: neo-wingtip, Harvey sling, and a matching feather design button down. 

Erb and Chet

Combination 4: desert boots, NS tote, and an intricate maroon button down. 

Erb and Chet

Combination 5: deck boots, camouflage NS tote, and a white button down. 

Erb and Chet

Combination 6: modern brogues, boy pack, and a rock design button down. 

Erb and Chet

Combination 7: Weejuns, Harvey sling, and different options of button downs.

Fashion is a never-ending quest of finding one’s style, identity, and fashion personality. Erb and Chet doesn’t stop in this quest because it believes that every guy has a good fashion sense in him. It’s just a matter of letting him feel and realize it. 

Erb and Chet sees the future of the establishment as a prime store in the metro and other smaller shops around key cities in the country. The fashion line stays true to its aim – to make the urban guy wear what is modern, classy, and comfortable.

Erb and Chet believes that any guy can definitely pull off fashion with perfect flair because he has what it takes to look good. 

Erb and Chet

0922 837 9297
Instagram: @ERBandCHET

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