Melo’s Steakhouse in Westgate, Alabang


“In 1987, Carmelo Santiago established Melo’s, the first restaurant in the Philippines to offer Certified Angus Beef, his personal favorite.” More than two decades later, Melo’s is now known as one of the best places to savor Wagyu beef, a delicacy that is all the rage in today’s global culinary scene.



Having pioneered the Certified Angus Beef in the Philippines, Melo’s is also the first to introduce authentic Wagyu beef in the country. Their authentic Australian Wagyu selections guarantee that every customer has a pleasurable dining experience.




Being the longest running fine dining steakhouse in the country, Melo’s Steakhouse is confident that the customers will love their Wagyu steaks because Melo’s serves them nothing less than high quality beef, which they get from their own exclusive supplier. But beyond the great food, Melo’s upholds the family tradition of providing personalized service and hospitality. Melo’s wants to make every customer their regular customer so don’t be surprised if the servers call you by your name on your next visit. With superb service and high grade Wagyu beefs, Melo’s earned the Philippine’s Best Restaurant awards. 



“Only Melo’s has a steak cart presented to customers so they can choose the cut and thickness of the meat before it is grilled to perfection with a secret marinade and using volcanic rocks. The Santiago family truly devotes much time and effort for diners to enjoy the best steaks.” 



I took a picture of the Grade A6 Wagyu beef on Melo’s steak cart to show you the marbling on the meat. Yes, that’s only grade A6! Now, imagine how soft and juicy that steak was! Oh, don’t worry, all the fats go away after grilling. That’s the secret why Wagyu beefs are so tender when cooked.



After salivating on Melo’s steak cart, we finally started our extra-special dinner. The home-made dinner rolls were  great – also Wagyu-like because these were so soft, too :p 


Raclette Cheese (Php 380)

served with marble potatoes, cocktail onions and pickles


I am a cheese lover so I must say that I liked Melo’s raclette. However, when ordering this appetizer, make sure to eat it as soon as it lands on the table, while still hot and the texture is softer and smoother. 


Oyster Rockefeller (Php 400)

 baked with hollandaise sauce topped with bacon and parmesan cheese



The oysters were BIG – so tasty, buttery and juicy! I will try Melo’s Oyster Florentine next time – baked with spinach, bacon and parmesan cheese! Mmmmm good.


Foie Gras Balsamico (Php 600)

served with potato croquette, balsamic reduction, raisins, grapes, caramelized onions and raspberries


Foie gras is delicate to cook and Melo’s did it perfectly. I loved how rich and smooth the texture was and the experience of letting it melt in my mouth. In any way it’s cooked, I will always love foie gras, my all-time favorite food.


Gambas (Php 270)

sauteed shrimps in olive oil and garlic


The gambas were really good and flavorful that having a cup of rice with this makes a complete dinner.


Classic Caesar Salad (Php 230)


Garden Salad (Php 280)

served with chicken breast, mandarin orange, apples, walnuts, in honey-mustard sauce


We were preparing ourselves for a sinfully meaty Melo’s feast by trying to eat healthy salads first :p



I couldn’t wait any longer.. Let the feast begin! Melo’s Steakhouse in Alabang offers Chef’s Specials, which changes from time to time.  Pricing for Grade 8 Tenderloin Wagyu: Php 3,700 for the 8 oz and Php 1,950 for the 4 oz. All steaks come with soup and salad. We sampled all three specials in one night – Al Funghi Porcini, Filetto Tartufo and Wagyu Foie Gras with 2 special sauces.


 Tenderloin Wagyu (Grade 8) wrapped in bacon with Al Funghi Porcini Sauce


 Look at the size of that steak!



This was our first time to try a Grade 8 Wagyu steak and it was divine! I really appreciated how Melo’s grill the steaks evenly. You don’t want to ruin the tenderness of a Wagyu by over-cooking it. See how red the inside is? The bacon wrap on Melo’s tenderloin wagyu in porcini sauce was also a great complement for this tender juicy steak.


Tenderloin Wagyu (Grade 8) with Foie Gras in 2 sauces – strawberry zinfandel sauce and orange mustard aioli


To fully savor the sweet tangy sauces: mix them together, dip each slice of Melo’s Wagyu steak on the sauce, close your eyes, EAT. You’ll feel like it’s Valentine’s day all over again.


Filetto Tartufato (Grade 8) – filet mignon with foie gras and truffle oil sauce



I must say that this was my favorite among the three Melo’s Chef’s Specials. Filet mignons are usually served bacon-wrapped but at Melo’s, they top it with my all-time favorite foie gras (thank you, Melo’s). Also, they don’t play it safe here at Melo’s – the truffle oil sauce  was rich and flavorful, perfect with the foie gras and medium rare Wagyu steak. 


I am already quite full at this point but since the best is yet to come, I had to make room for more.


Toasted Wagyu Fats


I discovered something off the Melo’s menu that was soooooo good! This will be our little secret, okay? Just you and me. I found out that if you order any Melo’s Wagyu steak, you can also order a plate of toasted Wagyu fats! It’s like “chicharon” — only one million times better! Once I popped one in my mouth, I literally can’t stop! Remember: “Wagyu Toasted Fats – an appetizer like no other. Only at Melo’s.”


Melo’s Wagyu Rice


For those with bigger appetites, a better way to eat the toasted fats is with Melo’s Wagyu rice, which was already a meal in itself! Yum yum yum!


Melo’s Ribeye Wagyu Steak (Grade 6 – Php 225 / oz)



Oh my! After eating the Grade 8 Wagyu steaks, how do I go back to eating grade 6 and the regular steaks? Oh Melo’s, what have you done to me? 


Melo’s Tenderloin Wagyu Steak (Grade 12) 80z (Php 4,550)


Finally, the most awaited Wagyu steak has arrived on the table. Melo’s Grade 12 Tenderloin Wagyu Steak is the highest grade of Wagyu that can be found here in the Philippines and where else can you  have it — only at Melo’s of course! 



The high degree of marbling contributes to its unique flavor and succulence, making Melo’s Wagyu beef a culinary delicacy. Don’t worry, research says that Wagyu beef actually helps reduce cholesterol levels. So if the doctor tells you that you have high cholesterol, just go to Melo’s and have an extraordinary Wagyu experience.



Just a tip: cut the steak in thin slices, season it with just salt and pepper alone and voila, enjoy the invigorating flavor as it slowly melts in your mouth.


 Creamy Truffle Pasta Farfalle with Mushrooms (Php 490)


Being a bit on the salty side, Melo’s truffle pasta would be the perfect combination for any kind of Melo’s steak, especially the ones without sauces.


Chocolata by Sweet Bella 



Even if I was very, very, VERY full, I wouldn’t want to miss eating Sweet Bella’s Chocolata. This is probably the BEST chocolate cake ever – moist, mildly sweet, rich – every single bite was pure happiness. A single serving was not enough. Melo’s not only serve the highest grade of Wagyu steaks but the best desserts as well ♥♥♥



PROMOS ALERT – Only at MELO’s Westgate Alabang:


Graduation Treat Promo: Order 4 Wagyu Steaks & the graduate gets a FREE 6oz Wagyu Ribeye Grade 6. This offer is valid until April 15, 2012.


Ensogo Promo: 51% savings on Melo’s food and drinks for lunch or dinner. Pay only Php 349 for Php 700 worth of Melo’s GC. “Have a fuss-free, sophisticated Steak Set Meal for 2 for lunch with: Appetizer, Soup and salad for 2, 1 Melo’s Certified Angus Rib eye (6oz) – (Upgrade your steak to Wagyu option will be given!), 1 seafood dish (choice of Grilled Norwegian Salmon in Lemon Butter Sauce, Halibut with Salsa Verde, Grilled Prawns, Prawn Ajillo or White Fish in Basil Butter). You can also choose to avail of the P700-worth GC (for P349) if you want to try Melo’s other crowd favorites like the Oyster Rockefeller.” –

WHEN IN MANILA, QC, Taguig or Alabang, and looking for a venue or catering service for your birthday, baptismal, anniversary, meeting, reception and wedding, make it easy and call Melo’s. Someone from the catering and events department would be happy to assist you.

Melo’s Steakhouse – Home of Certified Angus Beef and Wagyu

 41 Precinct, Westgate Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa


Facebook: Melo’s – Home of Certified Angus Beef and Wagyu


Open Daily: 

Lunch: 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM

Dinner: 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM


Valet service available


For reservations please call:

7712288 / 7713945


MENU: Melo’s Steakhouse


WhenInManila photos by JoTan23


Melo’s Steakhouse in Westgate, Alabang


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