Melbern Co.: The Stylish Local Clothing Brand For The Classy Filipina

Local young designers are on the rise and they’re taking over the fashion world by storm! We’ve discovered one of the newest local clothing brands that are sure to up your #OOTD game, especially if you’re going for the sophisticated and chic look.

Melbern Co. is a new fashion brand that was just established in 2016, and they just released their first collection early this year. They have their own small factory that manufactures their own clothes!

Melbern Co 5Melbern Co.–the local stylish clothing brand for the classy Filipina

Melbern Co. offers amazing pieces that are perfect for women who like to have a bit of fun after school or work. This clothing line is all about making school- and work-appropriate clothes that are also stylish for a fun night of hanging out with friends after.

Check out some of their best-selling pieces:

Melbern Co 6Serena dress (PHP 750)

The Serena dress is a perfect combination of playful yet sophisticated. I truly loved the design of this dress. The length is just right for any classy Pinay, the neckline looks so sweet, and the buttons add a stylish accent that can make you feel like you’re waltzing around Paris or London.

This dress comes in 7 different prints and in customizable lengths!

Georgina top (PHP 320)

The Georgina top is a v-neck crop top that’s pretty much the most sophisticated crop top I’ve seen. You’d be eager to go to work in this top every day.

Aside from the cute prints and simple yet chic style, it’s breezy and great for the Philippine weather! Say goodbye to that haggard and sweaty look after a long commute to the office.

Melbern Co 4

It also comes with numerous prints to choose from. If you ask me, they all look flattering for any body type!

Melbern Co 2Blair skirt (PHP 470)

The tops are best paired up with their Blair skirt. It’s a mid-calf-length skirt that’s super flowy, allowing lots of room for movement, should you need to do a lot of walking. Paired with the Georgina top, it’s the perfect outfit for a day at work, a night out, and for enduring the Manila heat.

It’s a real package deal! And it has pockets! POCKETS!!!

Melbern Co 1Nelly top (PHP 280)

This Nelly top is one that can make any outfit as classy as can be. It’s a white round-neck top that can easily be paired with anything!

It’s perfect for the classy Pinay who wants to keep things minimal.

Aside from these tops, skirts, and dresses, Melbern Co. also offers high-waisted pants and numerous other designs for blouses.

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The clothing line is headed by Christine de Leon, a graduate of Clothing Technology from the University of the Philippines, and it’s a brand that keeps on growing. At the moment, they only have an online shop on Instagram and Facebook, but with the beauty of their clothes (which are all marvelously manufactured, by the way–so legit!) I’m sure you’ll be seeing Melbern Co. in physical stores soon enough!

If you want to add a whole lot of sophistication to your work outfits, be sure to check out Melbern Co.

Melbern Co 5 - Copy

Melbern Co.


Model: Nicole Matti
Photographer: Glenn Daniel
Post-Processing: Chin Peralta
Production Assistant: Abbie San Juan

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