Meeting of the Minds MoTM: Building a Young Global Filipino Community


When In Manila, it’s time to join this Global Filipino Community and help make this place better than it was when we found it!


Meeting of the Minds (MoTM), a dot-connecting movement founded by Ruby Veridiano to galvanize the young Global Filipino community together to heal our home country of the Philippines. Aiming to unite our global Filipino community’s brightest minds, it is a community building forum, web platform, and TV/Media project that seeks to connect the most influential movers and shakers in order to build progress around focused causes that directly benefit the Philippines.




From Manila to Zurich, New York to London, San Francisco to Toronto, and many other global destinations, Meeting of the Minds builds a bridge between global Filipinos and local Filipinos, building conversations and action to impact positive social change in the Philippines. Each event includes guests from different global cities, “visiting” through video conference technology. The international dialogue and involvement is facilitated through Ustream, Twitter, and Facebook chats, allowing audiences to participate in each event no matter where in the world they may be.


The next MoTM is at De La Salle University on 11/23 from 2:30-5:00 PM, where students and young professionals will tackle the question of how to build effective digital and media campaigns to ignite social change among our country’s youth. If you would like to attend, please email Ruby at For more info, please visit Ruby at


Global guests are invited to join digitally through the following means: Ustream –

When In Manila
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Because Our Minds Need Changing. Join @usg_dlsu & @rubymsuniverse for Meeting of the Minds at DLSU on 11/23: #MindsMeeting

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Meeting of the Minds MoTM: Building a Young Global Filipino Community