McDonald’s Next: Healthier Options in a Much-Loved Fast Food Restaurant

The new year comes with a lot of new changes and one of those changes seems to lie in McDonald’s future. McDonald’s has recently opened a new store in Hong Kong called “McDonald’s Next” and it is nothing like the McDonald’s stores that we know so far. Not only do they have a kitchen where you can see all of the new ingredients, but they also have a salad bar, a phone charging station, touch screens to order your food, and table service.

mcdonald's next 4

mcdonald's next 1

Armando Flores Chiu, who owns all of the photos in this article, shares that he decided to try the first “McDonald’s Next” in the world after working until 8pm one day. “Improvised dinner, but worth it!” he says. He adds, “It has a Create Your Taste with Angus beef, champignons, asparagus and other things! Looks fresh and take definitely tastier! And pricier… But I will definitely come back. Oh, and the design is way better!”

mcdonald's next 3

mcdonald's next 5

McDonald’s Next also serves coffee and sells coffee beens. They also have a special mixed berry waffle on the menu to cater to Hong Kong’s love for dessert. Of course, they still offer the McDonald’s menu that we know and love, too, though.

What do you think of this? Do you want a McDonald’s Next in the Philippines?

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