Mazza Shawarma: ‘Mazza’rap na, ‘Mazza’ffordable Pa!

Mazza Shawarma: ‘Mazza’rap na, ‘Mazza’ffordable Pa!


It’s rare to find a bargain nowadays – something that gives you more than what you pay for. We scour for budget buys – from groceries to furniture to travel and to food. Of course, not everyone is capable of shelling out a thousand pesos just for lunch, what more for every weekend you might wish to eat out. Most of the time, we end up going to places that fits our budget but scrimps on taste in the end.

This is not the case for this foodie place we discovered at Eton Centris. Mazza Shawarma serves delicious and affordable Persian dishes you’ll surely love! Even if you’re not a shawarma fan, don’t be fooled by the name. They have rice meals and pizza; plus a whole lot more.


Mazza Shawarma 1



Though it was my first time to try Persian food (I honestly didn’t know what to expect), owner Karen Dulay said you can taste the distinct Persian taste once you try their stuff. Once we entered, their cool, modern and industrial interiors (I super love their frames plastered on their walls!) caught our attention, and the mood set us up for the good feast that we were about to wolf down.


Mazza Shawarma 2

Mazza Shawarma 8

Grilled Pita with Garlic Curry and Jalapeno Hummus Dip


For our appetizer, we had the Grilled Pita with Garlic Curry and Jalapeno Hummus dip. I greatly approve of Mazza Shawarma‘s dips. They’re so rich and savoury, but not nakakaumay. The delectable taste will make you want to finish the whole serving yourself. Please don’t forget to share, though. The dish is enough for 2-3 persons to share.


Mazza Shawarma 6

Beef Shawarma Wrap


What’s Persian food without shawarma? The Beef Shawarma Wrap with its chunks of beef and crisp vegetables tasted so fresh and light! Pour a generous amount of garlic sauce on it for more tang.


Mazza Shawarma 5

Beef Keema


The Beef Keema is good in its own as beef bits, but you can also order it with rice. You can also put this on top of your pita slathered with garlic curry dip just like we did. Yum!


Mazza Shawarma 3

Beef Kebab Meal


One of their bestsellers (aside, of course, from their shawarma wraps), is the Beef Kebab Meal, which will fill you up big time! Two beef kebab sticks with buttered rice and a side of veggies? It’s not surprising why it’s a bestseller.


Mazza Shawarma 7

Chicken Tandoori


We also love the Chicken Tandoori. It’s tender, juicy, tasty and just scrumptious. This is where I finally caught the Persian taste that separates this cuisine from the others. It’s unlike any other chicken I’ve tasted before.


Mazza Shawarma 10

Ox Brain


One fare that really challenged us is the Ox Brain, though. We were hesitant to try it at first, but then we gamely agreed with the dare and gave it a shot! It tasted like spicy balut. It’s one to line up in your pulutan if you want to spend your late night get-togethers here.

However, our ultimate favorites (even after days, I can still remember the taste of these two) are the Sizzling Pork and the Beef Kebab Pizza!


Mazza Shawarma 11

Sizzling Porkchop


The Sizzling Pork is really tender, kind of melts-in-your-mouth and goes really well with its gravy and buttered rice. The aroma of this dish when it’s served is really appetizing and with one forkful, I was hooked and wanted to finish the whole plate myself.


Mazza Shawarma 4

Beef Kebab Pizza


The Beef Kebab Pizza, on the other hand, is the bomb! It’s a thin-crust pizza with beef kebab chunks, veggie shreds and garlic sauce. I’m not really a fan of thin-crust pizza (though I love pizza so much), but this changed my perspective on thin crusts. It’s crispy, flavorful, and super cheesy. I don’t know how it came to taste like that, but I’m certain you’ll be devouring slice after slice and it’ll be gone before you realize it. It’s so good, I wanted another order; but my tummy argues because it was already so full of good food. Definitely something to come back for.


Since opening the Quezon City branch last September, this brainchild of Karen and her boyfriend is constantly gaining regulars. People come back to this food joint because of the delicious and affordable items on the menu; nothing is priced higher than P200! So, whatever your budget may be, they’ll have something you’re sure to like. If you’re not a Persian cuisine fan, Mazza Shawarma may even convince you otherwise.


Mazza Shawarma 9

 Karen Dulay with the Mazza Shawarma Staff


Calling all foodies! Bring your friends, share food (and beer, if you prefer!) and have a fun, tummy-filling time at Mazza Shawarma.



Mazza Shawarma


Eton Centris Walk, Edsa cor. Quezon Ave., Quezon City

Open 11am-3am (Mondays to Fridays);

11am-10pm (Saturdays and Sundays)



Mazza Shawarma: ‘Mazza’rap na, ‘Mazza’ffordable Pa!