LISTEN: Maya Hawke of ‘Stranger Things’ Releases Two Dreamy Songs About Love!

Maya Hawke has stolen our hearts the very moment she was introduced as now-beloved character Robin in Stranger Things Season 3. Now, she’s set to captivate us once more with her musical talent!

The 21-year-old actress just released two debut singles ahead of her upcoming album. Titled “Stay Open” and “To Love a Boy,” the two songs sound as dreamy as you could possibly imagine, with Maya’s soft but powerful vocals shining through in both of them.

Listen to a snippet of “To Love a Boy” here!

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In an interview with Refinery29, Maya revealed that she was working on a full-length album “full of love songs” and chose to release these particular songs first to give everyone the feel of the story she hopes to tell.

“These two are really interesting to bring together as an A-side B-side because one is really about the desire to fall in love,” she explained. “The other one is sort of more grounded in the reality of being in love.”

She also admitted that music was her emotional outlet during the time she spent trying to build her acting career.

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“Acting is amazing. I love [it]. But the problem is that you’re always waiting around for a call; you’re waiting for someone to give you permission to do your work,” she shared. “The nice thing with music in the last three years alongside the acting work I’ve done is that I didn’t have to wait for anyone’s permission. I could work on a song in a trailer while I was waiting to go on. The months I just spent just waiting to get a part, I’ve been able to work on this. It has given my life some structure and purpose so that I’m not just waiting around and losing my mind and crying.”

The songs are currently up on Spotify and Apple Music.

We’ve decided to stan forever. What do you think?


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