Maximize Your Summer Vacation With a Sea-to-Summit Experience at Sicogon Island

Once, I met a friend. We were the same age and both loved traveling around the Philippines! We instantly clicked…until we discovered that we loved two different things about it. She enjoyed trekking up a mountain catching sunrises; while I was more of a beach person catching sunsets. The conversation naturally ended, and what seemed to be travel buddies at first became strangers once again. However, that was before I experienced Sicogon Island!

Sea-to-Summit Experience


Photo: @ExperienceSicogon on Instagram

It was my first time flying to Iloilo and maybe much like most people, I was not expecting much. When planning a summer vacation, Boracay admittedly comes first to mind. But lo and behold–an island paradise was just sitting at the heart of Western Visayas, waiting to be explored! In the first few moments of stepping foot on the island, I already concluded that Sicogon is one of the most underrated summer spots in the Philippines.

Those who love both swimming and hiking will never run out of things to do there! The only question is, where to begin? To elaborate further, here’s a list of island activities for every member of the family/barkada!

Sicogon Island Activities


  • San Fernando Beach

San Fernando Beach is a long stretch of white sand beach that gives a refreshing view! Here, you can chill by the shores and get a tan or read a book! It is actually the site of Hatch Sicogon and Huni Resort where you can grab happy-hour drinks or have dinner by the beach.


Photos: Gizelle Caoile

And JSYK, Iloilo delicacies such as Ilonggo Sinigang, La Paz Batchoy, Chicken Inasal, Baked Scallops, and more are offered at Huni’s All-Day Dining Restaurant!

During high tide, the beach also becomes a dock for welcoming guests to the island from the Estancia port.

  • Buaya Beach


Photo: @ExperienceSicogon on Instagram

Buaya Beach is a few minutes away from Huni Sicogon that can be reached via speedboat or land travel. This beach is more secluded, and you can enjoy its tranquility when you check in at Balay Kogon! Its picturesque seascape is showcased on the resort’s view deck. Plus, snorkels and kayaks are available for use to explore the nearby sandbar and rock formations.

  • Islas de Gigantes


Islas de Gigantes is one of the top must-visit places in Iloilo! You can go island hopping directly from Sicogon and traverse the legendary group of islands namely: Cabugao Gamay Island a.k.a. Selfie Island–the iconic island we usually see in photos; Antonia Island Resort–a private island that recently opened for tourists offering a huge basket of fresh scallops for only 200 pesos and water activities such as snorkeling, crystal kayaking, and more soon; Tangke Saltwater Lagoon–an enchanted lagoon where you can swim and go cliff diving; Bantigue Island Sandbar–for that classic sandbar photo op; and more!


  • Lagoon Eco-Trail


Photo: @ExperienceSicogon on Instagram

The Lagoon Eco-Trail in Sicogon Island Resort is a newly opened nature-based activity. Walk into the thriving mangrove forest that is also home to different kinds of water birds, including the vulnerable Philippine ducks. It is also the nesting site of Philippine Megapodes or Tabon Scrubfowls, so make sure to stay quiet if you want to enjoy birdwatching! During the hike, you will also be able to spot remnants of a resort in the 70s, an interesting sight for those who admire ancient ruins.

  • Mount Opao


Photo: @ExperienceSicogon on Instagram

Mt. Opao is one of the island’s assets, but you can also view the entirety of its beauty at the mountain’s bare rock summit! It is a 2.5-kilometer trek that takes about an hour, and up there is a panoramic view of the island. Actually, it was my first time climbing up a mountain (and it was definitely liberating!) so I think it’s safe to say that it’s beginner-friendly. Just make sure to wear proper hiking clothes, bring water, healthy snacks for a quick energy boost, and your camera to capture the sunrise!

Where to Stay In Sicogon

Whether you are planning a trip with your family or friends, or either looking for peace or adventure, you can maximize your vacation at Sicogon Island! Depending on your budget and needs, here are your options for quality travel.



Photos: Gizelle Caoile

A beachfront hotel with a mountain view? SOLD! If you have checked in to Huni Lio, then you will mostly know what to expect with Huni Sicogon. This family-friendly hotel is almost the same as its counterpart in El Nido – except for the infinity pool that stretches to the shores of San Fernando Beach and, that it is settled at the foot of Mount Opao!



Photo: @ExperienceSicogon on Instagram

For families and couples in search of a more secluded getaway, choose Balay Kogon! This beachfront resort in Sicogon will give you an upgraded island experience with its modern rustic casitas. Moreover, its surrounding nature is sure to take your eyes off the screen for that much-needed quality time!



Photo: @ExperienceSicogon on Instagram

Planning a longer stay to indulge in the island’s beauty? Hatch Sicogon accommodates backpackers and barkadas! These beachfront cabanas have a more laidback vibe, so while there are plenty of activities you can do on the island, you can also just cherish the moment and chat with your friends til sunrise. No pressure!

How to Go to Sicogon Island

Wherever you decide to stay in Sicogon, you are not just booking for accommodation. You are also booking an entire getaway that is definitely worth your while! Furthermore, this one-stop tourist destination in the Philippines can be accessed through a direct flight from Manila via AirSWIFT.


Photos: Gizelle Caoile

In only one hour and 25 minutes, you are already in Sicogon! Then, you will be greeted by the majestic Mt. Opao with Huni, Hatch, and Balay Kogon just a few minutes away!

How to Get To Sicogon Island From Iloilo and Capiz

Sicogon Island is also accessible from Iloilo City and Roxas City airports by riding a boat from the Estancia fish port. The port is two hours and 38 minutes away from Cabatuan Airport, and one hour and 48 minutes away from Capiz.

Now, you do not need to take a very long vacation leave to enjoy a full summer vacation. You’ll get to really recharge your soul with whatever fills it–whether it’s some quiet time or an adrenaline rush. All you need to do is travel to Sicogon!

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