Maxene Magalona Admits Toxic Traits, Opens Up About Her Self-Healing Journey

Actress and mental health advocate Maxene Magalona talked about her toxic traits as she continues her self-healing journey.

In an Instagram post, she admitted that she’s struggling to accept constructive criticism and hates being scolded or told that she did something wrong.

Maxene Magalona

Photo: @maxenemagalona Instagram

“I immediately flare up, get defensive and explode with anger. It’s so unattractive and extremely low vibrational,” she wrote.

Maxene also shared her thoughts on how childhood wounds can affect relationships by unconsciously projecting them onto loved ones.

“We tend to act from that wounded place and feel as though the other person is just the same as the ones who hurt us in the past. We carry old wounds with us into new relationships, which eventually cause more pain and suffering, not just for us but for everyone else around us,” she added.


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The actress encouraged her followers to let go of past conditioning and old beliefs often acquired as a child in order to build healthier relationships as adults. She also emphasized that healing takes time and that making mistakes and crying are all normal.

“You just have to keep going and releasing your pain until you find yourself crying happy and peaceful tears. Beautiful tears that remind us of the painful growth that we go through to get to where we are today,” she continued.

To conclude her post, she expressed how proud she is of her tears and strength in overcoming her pain. “No pain, no gain. No rain, no rainbow,” she said.

Maxene has been advocating mental health and sharing her self-healing journey on social media. In 2020, she opened up about seeking psychiatric help, as she was diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder or CPTSD.

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