Mattna Kamjatang: A Tasteful Korean Restaurant in the South

Mattna Kamjatang: A Tasteful Korean Restaurant in the South


If you live near or in BF Homes, Paranaque, you have a good chance to try a wide variety of authentic restaurants! In fact, every time we pass by BF, especially during weekends, all of these authentic places are packed! One of these restaurants is the first franchise of Mattna Kamjatang in the Philippines. They had a soft opening last September 3, 2014.

Mattna KamjatangMattna Kamjatang is the first Philippine branch of the Korean franchise restaurant with the same name. They offer specialty Korean dishes, like Kam Ja Tang, too.


Mattna means “very delicious, very tasteful”, while Kamjatang, or Gamjatang in Korean, refers to the pork-based soup slowly stewed for 6 hours until the meat falls off the bone! Obviously, this dish is spicy. However, you can have it adjusted according to your taste. I’m not fond of spicy food, but this was too good to pass up!

Mattna Kamjatang

Small (good for 3 persons) – Php 950, Medium (good for 4) – Php 1,350, and Large (good for 5) – Php 1,750 Additional bones – Php 400


There’s actually a unique way of eating this. According to the restaurant manager, Koreans love it when they wait for the soup to boil, get the meat from the soup, dip it into the special sauce, scoop enough amount of soup and pour it into Bukum Bap or Korean fried rice and eat it as is! 


Mattna Kamjatang

Mattna Kamjatang


 The Filipino Couple, Sheryl and Reiner Matias, restaurant managers, shared how tedious it was to familiarize themselves with Korean culture.  Determined to maintain the authenticity of the food, they both went to Korea and had a 3-month long training at the main branch in Busan. Well, it was worth the wait!

Mattna Kamjatang As you can see, they are pretty OC.  They want everything neat and in its proper place. Wouldn’t you? 


Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without their infamous side dishes such as kimchi, radish, and sweet potato. I love the sweet potato the most amongst them.


Mattna Kamjatang Side dishes


Although this place sells 100% authentic Korean dishes, they added a twist to their menus to make it more diverse. In fact, they made sure everyone, including kids, can appreciate them.


Mattna Kamjatang

Yong Young Bap (Php 120) – Korean Fried Rice kids and kid-at heart will truly enjoy – contains crab stick, seaweed, and egg.

Mattna KamjatangHe Mul Pyo Jjim  is another best-seller and super spicy! It contains bean sprouts, shrimps, mussels, and squid.  Small (good for 3) – Php 1,550 Medium (good for 4) – Php 1,950 and Large (good for 5) Php 2,350


Morning, afternoon, or evening delight; Mattna Kamjatang has got it covered. After enjoying those spicy, mouthwatering Korean dishes, we also tried their local beer, signature dutch drip coffee, and yummy Yema cake! 


Max Mattna Kamjatang

Max is the smoothest All Malt Beer I’ve tasted. According to the manager, He Mul Pyo Jjim and this go very well together! I agree! 

Drip Coffee Mattna Kamjatang

I rarely drink black coffee, but this is rich with a full-bodied flavor. Dutch coffee is the wine of all coffees. Served hot or cold, it contains the lowest acidic content compared to other types of coffee. 

Yema Cake Mattna Kamjatang

Mattna Kamjatang’s Marshmallow Yema Cake is not too sweet and is so delicious!


So, if you are looking for a real authentic Korean restaurant with great customer service, Mattna Kamjatang is Paranaque’s NEW favorite!  Mattna Kamjatang is the first franchise in the Philippines and serves 100% Korean authentic dishes.  Soon, they will be serving Japchae, and I will definitely try it!



Mattna Kamjatang


319 Aguirre Street Phase 3, BF Homes Paranaque

Store hours: 11:00am -3:00pm and 5:30-10:00pm

Contact numbers: 697-9854 / 0939 – 9250262




Mattna Kamjatang: A Tasteful Korean Restaurant in the South


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