Marvel’s Doctor Strange: A World Beyond Possibilities

There are Marvel superhero films. There are the Avengers films. And then there’s Doctor Strange.

Marvel Studios has entered a new dimension (both figuratively and cinematically) with the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Doctor Strange.


Doctor Strange is the story of an arrogant neurosurgeon who, in spite of his belief in science and medicine, discovers the realities of mystic and magic, which then opens his eyes to a multiverse that is far beyond himself.

Marvel has really pushed the limits of superhero flicks with Doctor Strange. Gone are the days when superpowers and superheroes could still be explained by science (i.e. Iron Man and Captain America). The time has come for magic to join the fun. And with magic, everything is possible.


The whole film was so wonderfully designed and created that I spent almost half the time just gaping at the screen with my mouth wide open (it’s true). With Doctor Strange’s trips to various dimensions, the filmmakers were able to create and design worlds that could only exist in our imaginations.

These different dimensions were so creatively designed and crafted. The visual effects were stunning–I mean, where else would you see roads and buildings twisting and turning?


With such outstanding visual effects, there was no dull moment with Doctor Strange. It always had something new to offer. Before we could even process what was happening, we were all sent into another mystical–almost psychedelic–realm that was just so beautiful to watch. It was a roller coaster ride of art and visuals.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much work was put into this film for it to be able to pull off excessive special effects.

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In spite of the genius production, it wasn’t all that Doctor Strange had to offer. I really appreciated the fact that Marvel has stepped away from the usual techy superhero film where everything had to be shiny and new and scientific. With Doctor Strange, it was all about the supernatural, the things beyond the human mind–the spiritual realm, even.


An arrogant and egotistical main character isn’t new for Marvel (read: Iron Man), but what makes Dr. Strange different is that when he reached the bottom of the pit, he learned to draw strength not from the physical world but from a place far greater than he was. Dr. Strange was able to acknowledge that the world isn’t about him, and that there are things–worlds, even–greater than himself.

dr-strange-still-6It’s a story of humility; of finding purpose, not in skills nor titles, but in what you can surrender for the greater good. It is about finding oneself in a world far greater than what we could ever imagine, and understanding that there are things more powerful than ourselves.

Pretty deep for a Marvel flick.


Having said all this, Marvel’s Doctor Strange is a must-see film for everyone. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Marvel fan or not–with visuals and a production like this, everyone is sure to enjoy it. Plus, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. (There! I said it!)


I’d have to warn you, though, if you don’t do well with flashing lights and dizzying motions, better be prepared because this film is one trippy ride. Bring a plastic bag with you, just in case.

(PS. There are two end-credits scene! Watch out for both!)

Check out the trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange here:

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