When In Manila’s Wishlist for Maroon 5 Manila “Overexposed” Tour 2012


Maroon 5 Manila This September 18, 2012!


When In Manila, you may have heard that a certain band called Maroon 5 is coming to Manila this September 18, 2012. (If you haven’t, shame on you!) What’s more, tickets to the concert are going, going gone faster than you could say, “Adam Levine is so sexy!”


Maroon 5 Adam Levine Perfume

“Adam Levine is so se…” and there goes another one!


Listening to their new album “Overexposed” while the torrential rains and floods brought by the monsoon just wouldn’t quit outside, I appreciate the continued influence of Funk in Maroon 5‘s songs despite Adam‘s admission that this is the most Pop album they’ve recorded since the band’s formation ten years back. The instrumentation has become more driven by Pop synth beats than Funk guitar rhythms – something revisited in a few short bursts for the entirety of “Overexposed”. Alternating between his raw and auto-tuned voice, Levine’s usual themes of sex and love and heartbreaks are sang through witty, poignant lyrics. The singles in “Overexposed” are easy to listen to; I wouldn’t mind hearing them in their September 18 concert at the Araneta


maroon 5 overexposed


Maroon 5 Manila “Overexposed” Tour 2012 Wishlist


As is our tradition here in When In Manila, here is our wishlist for Maroon 5 Manila “Overexposed” Promotional Tour this September 18, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.


1. Harder To Breathe

2. This Love

3. She Will Be Loved

4. Sunday Morning

5. Makes Me Wonder

6. Wake Up Call

7. Misery


Maroon 5 Manila “Misery” Music Video

(Hilariously Addictive to Watch!)


8. Moves Like Jagger

9. Payphone

10. One More Night

11. Beautiful Goodbye (Not my cup of tea, but the ladies will kill me if I don’t include this!)

12. Daylight

13. Sad

14. Tickets

15. Wasted Years


When In Manila, see you at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on September 18, 2012 for one night of Adam Levine goodness. Hurry up and grab your tickets, because seriously, “Adam Levine is …” and another ticket just got bought. 


 Maroon 5 Manila Overexposed Tour


P.S. I hope my fiancé doesn’t trade me for Adam after this concert. Of all the concerts I’ve covered, this is the one she insists on coming along with. :\


When In Manila’s Wishlist for Maroon 5 Manila “Overexposed” Tour 2012