Manila Ranks 136th In 2015 Global Quality Of Life Survey

Manila ranked 136th out of 230 cities in a global survey of cities offering the best quality of life. This means the Philippine capital’s ranking has dropped in recent years according to data provided by consultant group Mercer.  


Vienna, Austria, topped Mercer’s 2015 Quality of Living Survey again as the city with the world’s best quality of life, followed by Zurich, Switzerland, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Among Asian cities, Singapore ranked highest in 26th place, followed by Tokyo in 44th, Kobe in 47th, Yokohama in 48th and Osaka in 58th place.

Manila was ranked as number 136, meaning the nation’s capital has dropped in the ranking in recent years, having been on 128th place in 2012. This means the Metro is a worse place to live and work in than Bogota (131), Mexico City (126), Bangkok (117) or Beijing (118), but it’s better to live here than in Jakarta (140), Mumbai (152), Ho Chi Minh City (153), Moscow (167) or Phnom Penh (195).

Top 10 Best Cities To Live In 2015

1 Vienna, Austria

2 Zurich, Switzerland

3 Auckland, New Zealand

4 Munich, Germany

5 Vancouver, Canada

6 Dusseldorf, Germany

7 Frankfurt, Germany

8 Geneva, Switzerland

9 Copenhagen, Denmark

10 Sydney, Australia


Where Manila Ranks:

131 Bogota, Colombia

132 Colombo, Sri Lanka

133 Chengdu, China

134 Windhoek, Namibia

135 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

136 Manila, Philippines

137 Nanjing, China

138 Hyderabad, India

139 Shenzhen, China

140 Jakarta, Indonesia

141 Belgrade, Serbia

Bottom Five In The World:

226 N’Djamena, Chad

227 Khartoum, Sudan

228 Port au Prince, Haiti

229 Bangui, Central African Republic

230 Baghdad, Iraq


What do you think of this year’s ranking? Have things really gotten worse, or have other cities simply improved faster than Manila?