Manila Hair Salon Recommendation: Vivere Salon for Styling, Coloring, Bonding, Cuts and More


WhenInManila, I know that we all tried to look for that one Manila hair salon that can do it right! Finding that place to get our hair done is usually such a long journey that usually takes lots of embarrassing too short bangs or wrong shade of hair color. We all want precision in cut, color, and styling because that’s how we all present ourselves, especially the girls! Well,  to those who are still on the search, what if I told you that you don’t have to go through any more fail experiments? Because what i’m about to share to you is one of the mos promising Manila hair salons around!


Manila Hair Salon: Vivere Salon, 5th Floor Mega B, SM Megamall



I don’t usually get my hair done in Manila hair salons because I’ve already had too much bad experiences with stylists laughing at the hairstyle I want, and they just use their suggestion instead but that’s not how you want your hair to end up as; in short, they don’t listen. But here in Vivere Salon, they all listen to you! From the front desk to the stylist assigned to you, they listen to you and ask for specific details you want for your hair! They really take good care of their clients and it shows based on their service; the way they talk to you, ask you questions about what you want for your hair, etc. This was just my experience from the moment I stepped in to this Manila hair salon, more good services once inside!



 Myself, before hair dye and styling




Tessa, before her haircut and styling



My friend, Tessa, and I were serviced at the same time; Mr. James gave her a hair cut while Ms. MJ dyed my hair and Mr. Rey Fernandez styled it, three of them are professional hair stylists of Vivere Salon. 


The interior of Vivere Salon had this high-end sophisticated vibe to it which goes hand-in-hand with their professional stylists.



MJ working on my hair, dying it lighter and more “illuminated” than before



James styling and cutting Tessa’s long locks at our Manila Hair Salon Pick: Vivere Salon



The dying process of my hair took more than forty minutes wherein MJ applied all the chemicals and placed my head under a digital thermo blower. When asked what was her technique on applying the chemicals on my hair, she said that she was using the “top-to-bottom” technique so that the crown of my head will end up lighter, thus the “illuminated” look. I didn’t really have anything in mind when I went to Vivere Salon, and so I just told them I wanted something different from the hair color I had then. Styling was by the wonderful Rey Fernandez, who used his blow-drying technique in a non-typical manner that’s why I got the wavy hair effect!



 My look courtesy of my Manila Hair Salon choice: Vivere Salon



As for Tessa, she wanted to maintain her straight long hair, so James just worked his magic and Voila! He trimmed and layered her hair a bit to give body to her hair. 



Top Manila Hair Salon Recommendation: Vivere Salon 




After shampooing and rinsing my hair, I got a complimentary head and shoulder massage which was what I just needed at that time for sitting more than an hour! It was really relaxing! I would definitely recommend this Manila hair salon to my friends and to you, lovely readers! My overall experience from this was really great, comparing it to the service I got from other Manila hair salons. 


From left to right: Rey Fernandez, myself, Tessa, James, & MJ



Manila Hair Salon Recommendation: Vivere Salon 

Can you spot the “Salon Awards Winner of 2011” seal behind us?



So what are you waiting for WhenInManila boys and girls? This is the place where you have to get your hair done! Whether be it just a trim or a make-over, this should be your go-to Manila hair salon! 



Manila Hair Salon Recommendation: Vivere Salon 



Manila Hair Salon Branches for Vivere Salon



 Vivere Manila Hair Salon Robinsons Galleria

3/L West Wing

Tel. No: (02) 477-4985


Vivere Manila Hair Salon Robinsons Place Manila

4/L Midtown Wing

Tel. No: (02) 567 1955


 Vivere Manila Hair Salon SM Megamall

5/L Mega B 

Tel. No: (02)584-6610


Vivere Manila Hair Salon MarQuee Mall


Tel. No: (045) 304-0616




 Vivere Salon: Good Hair Style & Service in Manila


 Top Manila Hair Salon Recommendation: Vivere Salon


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