Man Allegedly Uses Fake IDs to Claim Phones From Telecom Stores

Man Allegedly Uses Fake IDs to Claim Phones From Telecom Stores


Many Filipinos want the latest gadgets from Samsung and Apple that they’ll go to great lengths just to acquire them. Most people would sign up for plans from networks and pay the unit in installments. Some people? They fake IDs and claim someone else’s phone.

This story of one such guy is spreading across social media. According to Andrei SC, who posted the story, someone went to a telecom branch in a mall in Pasay and tried to claim his phone. His post reads:


I received a call from Globe Business Center, SM MOA. Somebody claiming to be me was trying to avail of handset upgrades for 4 of my accounts. He’s supposed to get iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, and the handsets will be charged to my bill. He provided IDs with his picture. But some of the data are not correct, like my middle name, ID numbers and signature. But my first and last name and the date of birth are all correct.


The agent got suspicious when he asked a question the man couldn’t answer. The agent then called Andrei’s number and confirmed that it wasn’t him. Andrei then called the network’s hotline to report the incident, and asked them to call his number every time a transaction was made. But the guy didn’t stop.


Then the following day, I got another call, this time from Globe Gateway Mall. Same modus as in SM MOA. An impostor is again claiming for a re-contracting of my account to get free handsets. The CS at Globe Gateway Mall handed the phone to the impostor, but the impostor kept on saying “Hello” pretending not to hear me. Then he handed back the phone to the CS and ran out of the store.


Based on the pictures of the ID presented and the description of the customer service, it was the same person who attempted to claim handsets at both stores.


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