Make All Your Celebrations and Moments Sweeter This Year

This year, Chupa Chups, everyone’s favorite and well-loved confectionary brand, encourages everyone to cherish moments worth celebrating. Looking beyond the usual big wins to realize that even the smallest moments and victories can make a long-lasting impact. Whether it’s as mundane as getting to a destination earlier because there’s no traffic so you can spend more time with friends at work or school. Sharing small victories with your colleagues (like nailing that TikTok dance in one go) or as big as getting a promotion or Ace-ing a quiz. Learning to relish these little things add up to a life that is full and #ForeverFun

Chupa Chups Special Bouquet Shot 2Take a look at that!

And what better way to do this but with the best celebration treats like this one! Move over, flower bouquets. A new—and we daresay, cuter—type of bouquet is here: a lollipop bouquet. Designed to mimic a floral arrangement, the limited-edition Chupa Chups Bouquet consists of 19 assorted lollipops—a perfect gift to make any celebration sweeter. This one’s a seasonal product though, so better get it while it’s still available and save it for that special moment or just when you feel like making a dull moment more fun for everyone.

Aside from the Chupa Chups Bouquet, there are other fun Chupa Chups products to help you celebrate and honor the best moments and people in your life, no matter the season, and on any day of the year.

CH Mega

A replica of Chupa Chups’ iconic strawberry-flavored lollipop, the Chupa Chups Mega Lollipop contains 10 lollies, packing the best flavors of Chupa Chups in one huge, fun lollipop.

Super Mega Lolli

Are 10 lollies not enough? (We get it.) Or perhaps you need a bigger pack to share with everyone? Say hello to the Super Mega Lollipop, an even bigger version of the iconic Chupa Chups Mega Lollipop that houses 40 assorted Chupa Chups flavors. Yup, that many so you can share it with your friends.

Lolli-lovers and long-time supporters of Chupa Chups and its products can’t help but get into the #ForeverFun mindset even just by seeing this brand that we all have grown up with. With these fun and unique products and packaging from Chupa Chups, you can turn any moment, no matter how big or small, into the sweetest celebration, so feel free to get one and share it with the people around you. It will surely make everyone smile and be happy be it the kids or even the kids at heart.

This month of love though, you can get the Chupa Chups products from Chupa Chups Celebration Corners, which you can find in select supermarkets and specialty stores around the Metro.

You’ll also find Chupa Chups in select fun zones around the Metro, in partnership with Filipinos’ go-to arcade, Timezone.

CH Celebrations

All Chupa Chups products, including the Chupa Chups Mega Lolly and Bouquet, are available online on Shopee and Lazada and in select major supermarkets and stores. Find the Chupa Chups Super Mega Lollipop exclusively online and at S&R.

Make every moment with your loved ones worth celebrating, not just this Valentine’s season but every day of the year. They deserve it. Grab Chupa Chups now and find its pages through the links below:

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Tiktok: @chupachupsph
Facebook: Chupa Chups (PH) | @Chupachupschuckph
Shop Chupa Chups products on Shopee here.