Maine Mendoza Speaks Out After “Offensive” Old Tweets Resurface

Maine Mendoza is currently under fire online after a few of her old tweets resurfaced and went viral on the social media platform.

maine mendoza

Photo: Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) Instagram

The tweets, in particular, were from 2010 to 2011 in which she used the terms “gay” and “bading” in derogatory statements. Netizens criticized Maine for what she said while others came to her defense, pointing out that she had been 15 or 16 years old at the time of the tweets.

Maine then spoke out publicly to respond to the criticisms and to apologize for the things she had said.

“Hi tweeps! I’ve been receiving a lot of messages about my tweets several years ago. Sending my sincerest apologies to those whom I have offended with my tweets way back then. It was my careless self talking and I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I am sincerely sorry,” she began.

“Through the years, I have learned to be more careful with my thoughts and words – and how it would affect the people around me. Hope you hear me out this time. Praying for everyone’s safety and sanity in these trying times.”

Maine has already deleted the tweets as of writing.

Following her apology, Ciara Sotto aired out her thoughts on the issue in support of Maine.

“You are not defined by your past mistakes,” she tweeted, tagging the 26-year-old. “Whatever you’ve been through doesn’t have to be the end of you. You are valuable and irreplaceable. And I love you!!!”

In a subsequent tweet, she also urged the public not to condemn someone so easily for things done when they were younger.

“All of us have made mistakes in the past that we regret, especially when we were younger… Being a celebrity doesn’t mean we are not allowed to make those mistakes… we are human just like you. STOP THE HATE. BE KIND… TO OTHERS… and TO YOURSELF,” she said.

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