Maggie’s Sweet Treats are the Perfect Sweets to Start the Year with

Christmas has come and gone, but the New Year comes with new things to get excited about. Getting your loved ones food or goodies should happen all year round, after all —and why not? I mean it’s a total win-win situation.

Honestly, who doesn’t like getting food as gifts just because?

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Instagram pastry shop, Maggie’s, is a heaven-sent local business that specializes in homemade baked goodies. Goodies like cupcakes and cookies are ordered from them through Instagram, and the sweet treats are delivered right to your doorstep for your convenience. Not to mention, they pre-pack your favorite pastries into cute and neat boxes finished off with a classic red ribbon, sealing their yummy treats inside.

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While we indulge in its convenience, we have got to start talking about how their service is worth more than just the ease they offer. Their cutesie packaging is a double coverup to what’s even more worthwhile that’s sitting inside: cupcakes, cookies and our ever favorite Leche Flan. There’s nothing more delectable than these goodies!

Their cupcakes come in three variants: Dark Chocolate Whiskey, Red Velvet, and Banana Walnut. All cupcakes are baked to perfection – neither dry nor too damp that it turns to fudge.

Maggie’s Dark Chocolate Whiskey is rich and delectable with equal parts frosting and cake. I’m sure your pops will love the bitter-sweet combination that the cupcake flavor gives off (plus the booze!).

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More onto the sweet and tangy side, their Red Velvet is oozing with frosting and flavor. You can munch on this Red Velvet for hours and hours, but the taste won’t tire you out. This cupcake is perfect for those who like their dessert on the much sweeter side. Case in point: moms and Titas who like to munch on something in-between chikas!

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The last variant and my personal favorite: Banana Walnut. The soft banana cake alone is good on its own. Imagine,having the same cream cheese frosting as the Red Velvet sitting atop the cake. Pure bliss! And to be quite honest, the Banana base fools me into thinking I can eat more…

it’s fruit, anyway! :p

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Of course we can indulge in an everyday breakfast staple, as well: cookies. How can we ever go wrong with cookies and hot chocolate? It’s the perfect mood setter for any season. Maggie’s would, of course, have our favorite snacks as kids in their lineup. They have it packed in assorted boxes of soft-baked chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, and double chocolate. A box comes in 6, perfect for sharing and fit as gifts for the little kiddos – add a carton of milk for fun!

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All these goodies don’t top the real Filipino staple, though: Leche Flan. While our birthdays favor cakes and the like, Leche Flan definitely wins all year round. And it sure is the perfect start to a great New Year, especially with Maggie’s version of the rich and sweet dessert.

What I like most about Maggie’s Leche Flan is how much syrup they put in the container, and how the flan itself is firm and not too fragile.

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I’ll stop here; I want you to taste them for yourself– or how ’bout ordering a pack and having your family delight in them, too?



Instagram: @_maggies__