MADFest 2015: Fireworks and Rock ‘n’ Roll

JackTV MADFest 2015 - Janelle Almosara (10)

Looking at live art when you wander around the venue?

All too perfect. Local and foreign artists’ works were showcased.

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Everyone went mad when Parokya Ni Edgar came up, and they even had their bodyguards by the stage.

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JackTV MADFest 2015 - Janelle Almosara (30)

Backstage, we had a chance to chat with Nico and Vinz, our main act for the night. Their EP, ‘Cornerstone’ is out now! “We’re super excited that we’re finally gonna release new music. Our latest single, ‘That’s how you know’ is on there.
This generation, we can click in on any type of music we like. One day, we listen to some hiphop. Next day, we listen to reggae. Next day, it’s jazz. That EP and that album we’ll draw out some time next year symbolizes that in a way. We just try to make good songs and good music regardless of the genre,” Nico said.

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Vinz noted that they’re just trying to play around. “We just wanted to have fun. Last time around, we were very ambitious. We came from Oslo, we really wanted to find a way to make our music become international and it was frustrating because we couldn’t quite get exactly how to do it – we had all these dreams and thoughts. This time around, we traveled all round the world so we’re sort of pass that whole thing. Not that we don’t want to go further, we just want to not think so much and make music that feels more natural. Last album was very African-centered. This time, we just wanna make whatever. Our song, ‘Our Love’ is more electronic and not organic.”

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We tried JackTV’s photo booth where you had to upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #MADFest2015! (The dudes at the booth gave up and gave us the prizes we wanted when we lined up for the 5th time.) We won shirts, a journal and some hot cocoa. When morning came, we had enough endorphins to last finals week.

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