Macklemore Celebrates His Grandma’s 100th Birthday with a Sweet Music Video

Macklemore Glorious

We know Macklemore as a tough guy rapper with a lot of street cred, but underneath the fur coats from thrift shops, he’s a softie. He showed his softer side by celebrating his grandmother’s 100th birthday with a music video for his song “Glorious.”

Watch Macklemore’s music video below:

In the music video, Macklemore makes a surprise visit to his grandmother Helen in California and takes her out shopping, karaoke singing, and egging someone’s house. He then brings her back home for a surprise party with some of her friends.

We had to wipe away some tears, especially when the rapper had Helen’s name tattooed and when they drive out to the lake.

Macklemore is an American rapper who collaborates with Ryan Lewis for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Together, they have created songs like “Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us,” and “Same Love.”

“Glorious” features the vocals of Skylar Grey, and is the first single from the rapper’s second solo album.

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